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  1. Chris's piano sound is a custom made patch from a very rare rack module. It would be near impossible to reproduce.
  2. The Kawaii is actually used in the studio. The "synthesizer" on stage is not actually a synthesizer, it is a MIDI controller. Specifically, a Korg KONTROL49. I did a lot of research on this last tour. The unit produces absolutely no sound, but sends signals to things that do. Whether that thing is a rack module or a computer program, I am not entirely sure. The controller is actually pretty cheap ($400 range), but is absolutely worthless if you don't have anything to send it to and make sounds.
  3. You are all going to hate me.... my wife scored Section 2 Row 1 Seats 5-6. For those of you who have checked out the floor plan, that is dead center right in front of the stage extension.
  4. Lol - oh to be so simple as calling it "faking" Coldplay uses a level of backtracking in some of their tracks. Most an amateur ear will never pick out. Some points about Coldplay's live performances: 1. Chris's piano is not a piano. It is a MIDI controller in a piano casing. The keys run to a sound module which include piano, organ and other synth sounds. 2. Jonny and Guy's keyboard is not a keyboard. It too is a MIDI controller that controls various sound modules. The set up is complex and requires someone who really knows what they are doing to set it up. So yes the strings
  5. Surprise: A solid album 8/10 even with the presence of a pop diva on it. Disappointment: Needs more cowbell. And by cowbell I mean Piano.
  6. One again, Coldplay does not use autotune. Please do not make statements unless you are informed.
  7. Wow i had no idea this thread would go on this long when i started it...lol
  8. Think about it people. Car Kids is probably nothing more than an idea for the title of the song eventually called Charlie Brown. We already know cartoon hearts was a title they flirted with, and the song makes reference to a group of young (kids?) hanging out, and stealing the (parents?) keys to take the car and do so. I hate to say it and ruin all your hopes but it is likely that Cartoon Heart, Car Kids, and Charlie Brown are the same song.
  9. It sounds blissfully big. STOP with the auto-tune shit already. You people saying that have no idea what auto-tune is. There is, nor will there there every be a Coldplay song that contains auto-tune. Vocal effects and Chris doing a manual tremolo of his own voice is NOT auto-tune.
  10. As a fellow Coldplayer I hope you can help me out a little by watching my promo video? It can be found on my Facebook page/just press play - http://www.facebook.com/Bowpowradio Thanks for reading. I just was hoping for a little more views out of the video along with a few more likes when I released it. Trying to gain some more support. Feedback is always great even if you hate it. I know I'm acting a little like a spambot but your my only hope!

  11. I don't believe I ever stated I thought it was real...just that it looked more legit than your average torrent download. Also, the point of my post was also to discuss if it is only a matter of time before someone DOES leak it, and what that timeline could potentially be. VLVODAAHF was leaked I believe 2-3 early, prompting them to stream the album on their website prior to its actual realease so...It can happen.
  12. All the tracks are recorded, mixed, and mastered. The Billboard interview was almost 2 weeks ago. They probably sat down and had a couple brews after the Lolla show and decided on the setlist, its not like it would take weeks to determine, all the time consuming tasks were already completed....
  13. Google Coldplay and Leakcat

  14. I want to hold off too. My point of the post is if there is already a legit looking site claiming to have a leak, I don't know if I can hold out for 2 months.
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