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  1. So let me just make sure I'm not confusing my pronouns... Your best friend broke up with her boyfriend, and now he is possibly dating your ex-friend? That's rough. I've never been in this kind of situation before but I know people who have and it's not good news, that's for sure.
  2. Agreed. If you just make out a little bit, you can at least blame it on a fit of unbridled passion, but sex would kinda ruin the friendship, in my opinion. ...on second read, that kinda makes me sound like a terrible person.
  3. Maybe you're on to something. "God give me style and give me wits. God bring me down to Massachuuuuuusetts." I seriously think you might be right. :)
  4. Probably because I was singing the real words having completely forgotten beforehand that Chris usually changes the lyrics of GPASUYF depending on the venue they're at. :P Sorry 'bout that.
  5. Aaaahhh this is frickin' sweet!! A friend of mine who lives down the hall from me at college will undoubtedly buy Rock Band 2. Maybe this means I get to buy GH4?
  6. A chord progression that you hear often (a song that comes to mind right away is Kaiser Chiefs' "Retirement") it I - V - bVII - IV. For example, Gmaj - Dmaj - Fmaj - Cmaj, although it can work with any key. However, with common chord progressions that are very common, they tend to become very boring after awhile. Also, when writing in a minor key, it's usually best to use V instead of v (that is, in the key of Dmin, use Amaj instead of Amin for example). It has something to do with the fact that that chord usually resolves to i (in this case Dmin) and the Amin chord contains a C while the Amaj chord contains to C#, which resolves to D better than C. One progression I came up with (which you can use if you'd like) is I - ii - bVII - V (for example, Amaj - Bmin - Gmaj - Emaj). Play around with stuff until you find something you like. Also check out this site: http://www.hotfrets.com/songanator.asp Hope my long-winded post was helpful and not TOO boring. :)
  7. Sounds to me like "God give me style and give me [either "rest" or "bliss", or something...], God bring me down to Massachusetts."
  8. UK: "Like A Prayer" -- Madonna (gross) USA: "The Living Years" -- Mike and the Mechanics (my name is Mike! :o) AUS: "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" -- The Proclaimers (love this song) That's all I have to say about that.
  9. Good to see you back, Justin. I knew something was missing but I couldn't place my finger on it. Then a couple days ago I was in the shower and suddenly thought, "Oh! Justin's not on Coldplaying!" Nice to hear that you had a great summer.
  10. It's Nick! I win! :laugh3: No, but seriously. I'm interested to see how this works out. Who was Mystery9, by the way?
  11. I disagree. I went to the first Boston concert this month and sat in floor section J and I had a great view and a great time. (In all fairness, I'm 6'2" and we had seats right on the aisle between sections I and J.)
  12. I voted yes. But my answer is actually no. Oops.
  13. Mug Costanza

    The song Game!

    "Tonight, Tonight" -- Smashing Pumpkins
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