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  1. The moon phases changing have been there since AHFOD? I guess I haven't been paying attention.. haha. I am curious about Friday, July 17th though. I think we will a significant announcement.... hopefully.
  2. Everyone, look at the bottom of the Coldplay Timeline. There is black and white icon signifying each album flashing in order..
  3. Our band just updated their Facebook and cover photo .. 😳😬😅 A slightly modified AHFOD logo with a spacey looking background 🤷🏽‍♂️ The color palette is also in a different order. Their Twitter as well.. isn’t the 20th anniversary of parachutes a week from today?
  4. Where is this photo from?
  5. Tomorrow is the day that nothing will happen!!!! #reversejinx 😉😂
  6. It's definitely a time where we need to look forward to something and I think we should be positive and hopefully something happens 11 May 2020 😉
  7. I am updating my observation/prediction as well.. 😛 Mayyybe FFTF 2024 is the name of the first single and an introduction to the new era while May 11, 2020 is the actual release date of the single :)
  8. I feel the same way!!! You gotta love the time leading up to a new LP!
  9. I just finished watching the stream too!! I didn’t watch 100 % of it because of internet connectivity but I did catch a portion where he played a song I didn’t recognize (was it a cover or... ) but stopped after 5 or so seconds and said “it’s too early to try that” or something like that :)
  10. He did!! He even said something along the lines of "... and I don't know if the fans have figured it out yet."
  11. I agree 100 %. The new era will begin April 2 :)
  12. I like it!! I think the top sphere is LP9. Could it be Mars?? I mean it would make the most sense.. The car in the photo from the EL booklet is a Rover... and there a mission to Mars in 2024 or something? Either way, we know LP 9 will be something about traveling through Space...
  13. Imagine a greatest hits tour... with a full orchestra. They played a gig or two with some strings right? ;)
  14. Something is definitely happening later this year into 2021. Maybe we get big news on April 4, 2020? :)
  15. Thinking about the characters on the license plate again, It could very well be April, 2, 2020 (at least according to how date notation is used here in Germany LOL) By the way, this is a Thursday. Maybe a new single or an introduction to a new era? :)
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