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  1. Anyone else think #1 (in alien kaotican) in every Coldplay music video referral to volume 1?? I just thought about it…
  2. I was thinking about this as well…. Another good guess is “Finished For The Fans” - songs that didn’t quite make an album or EP. During a live stream a year or so ago, he mentioned a new version of UFO and.. Us Against the World ?? When will these see the light of day?? :)
  3. Check it out!!! Who’s going to volunteer to 🚴🏾‍♂️ During the tour?! 🤚🏽
  4. I sucked it up and got early entry. Anyone else get it ?
  5. Same!!! Was surprised to see an early entry VIP …. Had to do it of course!!
  6. Love your take, I agree 100 %. I love that the band touched base on fans wanting them to sound like they did 20 years ago on the MOTS Spotify storyline. 20 years is a long time…. Change will happen.
  7. Pics from the MOTS experience in London. I took some videos too but need to upload them to YouTube first : https://youtube.com/shorts/4b4RB0nF6NM?feature=share 🙂
  8. I love your opinion and I feel you! Remember that the band is doing this not to become more popular or to top the charts - they are having a blast and genuinely enjoy this “pop sound”. They love performing these songs live as well - one can tell. Curious, have you been to a live show? The beauty about the live shows is that you get the old songs as well! There is no longer a specific “Coldplay” sound anymore. They have been around for 20 years which is mind boggling because I feel like time has flown by so fast.
  9. Anyone think the new wristbands for the tour will be called “Holobands”?? 😀
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