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  1. You are exactly right. Phil knew we caught on fast to the videos they were posting to their IG...
  2. Do you have a screenshot or photo?? Thanks πŸ™‚
  3. In Europe (or at least here in Germany), the date format is with the day first ... today is 28/10/2020.
  4. It is related to the new Era/new LP/EP.. The color spectrum is in the same order as the new logo on the site and their social media. The order from AFHOD is different.
  5. The band is slowly but surely leading us on so something new.. I was looking at the "new" store and it's interesting that the bottom eight items are lithographs from the first eight albums. The top eight items are designs we all have not seen before.. I was wondering why the band hasn't changed from the colour spectrum design but maybe MOTS will contain a both "colour" and "space" (The black logo with the white outline). I was also thrown off by the first two white shirts since they resemble AFHOD.. until I looked closer at inside neckline - It has the Moon phases with Coldplay" above it and a size under each phase. I think we can assume MOTS will contain bits and pieces (not literally) of the first eight albums .. hence the changing era logos on the front page and the lithographs from each album at the store. We already assumed most of the how the era will look like but I just wanted to get the point across that the band is always giving us hints... we just have to look between the lines. I remember well before MX, there was an icon on the top of the Coldplay front page with a book with "MX" on the front... This was during the GS era. I remember many of us thought it resembled a number... or Mexico...hahaha. Take care everyone!!! LP9 will hopefully come soon!
  6. I really think this is the era where the band will introduce a new era/song live (tomorrows festival). During the At the start of the MX era, we heard a handful of songs live before the studio versions and I think this will happen again (The Race? ) πŸ™‚
  7. Charlie Brown clip was just posted to their IG..
  8. One thing I think I’d definitely worth noting is the new font to the Coldplay logo on their Facebook and main site. We have never seen this font before. They are SLOWLY transitioning to the new era so I think they decided to use the new era font while keeping the AHFOD colours.
  9. Appreciate you clearing this up! Hope we get something soon!
  10. Coldplay just announced they are performing at this years iHeartRadio music festival (streaming only) !!!! Look at the background ! ✨🌟. I like the πŸ’« to the right of the (new?? Nah can’t be) logo... πŸ˜³πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Great find! I thought it was a date/year first but then I began to think the numbers '20' and '24' meant something (since CM has been seen wearing 24 on his shirt) but you may be onto something here!
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