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  1. I believe this video has something to do with elections in USA,like every vote counts, see most recent video on the same instagram account.
  2. Thank you so much, so so great. It would be great to hear more demos.
  3. Did you download it so you can share, it has been deleted?
  4. And i don't mean low key, like emotional and raw, but childlike naive, it doesn't have to be "to the left", it doesn't have to be alternative or anything, it can also be pop music they want to make. I don't see oldplay as perfect version of coldplay, i believe Chris is really talented at not being serious or emotional but at being childike creative and play with melodies, melodies are what his talent lies. That's how i see them anyway, and I follow them from the beggining, I'm a bit old for this forum hahaha
  5. Yes, that's it, but it is so short, and these demos from Viva feel so good, i imagine all Coldplay song in that low key arrangement making Chris childlike singing so sweet. I think Coldpay struggle to be serious band, you know like profesional but i feel there is something so naive in Chris's songwriting that doesn't come up front in the songs they produce in the end. I'm so sorry for this, feels like they do not have enough courage to stray away from the way things "should be done", even when they experiment it feels like they do it in a "proper way". Listening to Viva demos I can see what th
  6. Three demo versions of Viva la vida?????? I would love to hear that song as in short preview for Viva la vida documentary, when it is only Chris playing piano
  7. Is someone recording this? I'm so curious which songs did Beck pick out as his favourite...
  8. Can anyone please rip the apple video, cause i dont have an account. Have anyone seen the 9 minute film?
  9. Can you please share with me the leak?

  10. Can you pm the remix please ?
  11. Can someone upload marcus dravs remix because i cant find it? Thanks
  12. parachutes U - dont panic (one of the finest songs) O - shiver (its a plagiat ) a rush of blood U - god put a smile O - clocks (somehow does nothing for me, but great melody) The best song from this album and for me their best song ever is Scientist, but it is not underated x and y U- white shadows O- speed of sound viva la vida U- death and all his friends O- lovers in japan mylo xyloto U- princess of china(bad production, one of the best melodies at least for me) O- charlie brown( dont get the enthusiasm about this song, not bad but nothing special really) ghost sto
  13. I'm sorry for you, cause you're so stupid. It's so sad that you people don't see that it is a great video, up there with in my place, or scientist
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