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  1. Does he sing Gay, or Hey towards the end od the song?
  2. Seem like it is more than a demo, in terms that all the instrumental bits seems to be the same. Maybe it was done before Chris went to Korea, and after they put in all the extra bits with them singing, rap, etc.
  3. Anyone, it is just hours away, first listen of the album. Really, no one from the forum is going? I hope in a few hours we will have some new info about new songs
  4. So strange that nobody is going from here, or they cannot speak about it
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CThlA6XltRL/ Today some of us will hear MOTS!
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CThlA6XltRL/ So, is there anyone from us coldplayers going? Come on people, it is today, how come there isn't a talk about this? Have i missed something? It would be so nice to hear about new songs!
  7. Sorry for too many posts... But maybe because it is not that much of a tune, it doesn't feel big. Remember when Paradise came, it was such an instant feel of the chart potential it has, and although it also felt sugary it was so nice to melt in that sugar. And this time, i get it, they are experimenting with Max Martin in production tricks, so they were playing with what seems like a classic pop song, repeating chorus after chorus, finishing with what would be in a middle of a "normal" pop song etc. But I'm wondering, is this tune good to begin with, the chorus that goes over and over again, i
  8. Somehow, also only in feeling, it is closer to X marks the spot, than to Paradise, of Hymn for the weekend, the big commercial ones...
  9. Such a strange feeling, mostly cause i heard the song. Although it did grow on me, still it really doesn't deserve all this attention, mostly cause song is so fragmented with such a weird structure it almost feels like a experiment in coldplay terms, more like a b side than a bombast single as it will be marketed. The song is sugary, and poppy but somehow, and it is so weird, it is such a small song and not the bombast one even if there is a big chorus and a BTS attached. Weird weird feelings about this song when the marketing is so big and out of place in my opinion.
  10. Please don't get me wrong, as if i am in any way atacking the band... But, i imagine how cool it would be if coldplay release as song as simple yet with some real emotion underneath as The scientist. I became a fan in 2006, or 2007, so i imagine there is a new single and I press play a The scientist that i never heard before, starts. It would be so good. Sorry for being off topic in a way.
  11. Maybe you are right, maybe they performed that one to release it to fill the marketing gap to september.
  12. That's right. For Coldplay doing a K POP song is different thing, and i asumme they love the song
  13. I'm pretty sure they played My universe, based on the way they talk about it.
  14. This song has grown on me, it is broken in a way, choruses over and over again, atmosphere in the middle of the song, structurally broken song and it is really nice in that way, has a funky vibe as much as it is cheesy. Nice
  15. Yes, ASFOS had something really emotional in it, especially go on and tear me apart, part, at least for me, my universe is except those production tricks not much of a song. All being said, it is always fun for me listening Chris's attempts at pop song, has some naivety to it, but really as much i would like to it is the song with not much ideas, nor original melody
  16. Neon moon I and Neon moon II, two interludes, the first one that we already heard before higher power and the other one near the end of the album
  17. Yes, there are short snippets, like on human heart where you here only instrumental, so i believe it is there, just the atmosphere
  18. THERE IS THE DATE 7/20, so it is supposed to come tomorrow u guess, the album trailer plus handwritten note from Chris
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