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  1. Your points are valid and I think naturally just like any ordinary person they all have other interests to attend to. It's a habit of theirs to go completely silent between major works and I don't believe they're distracted or have lost interest. You're absolutely right about EL. Of all their recent albums people should have noticed and listened to this was it. It's unfortunate they chose to keep it quiet.
  2. I think you're both spot on. I think the gripe that perhaps some of the long time fans myself included had VLV onward wasn't the motion of change, but rather how they chose to evolve. EL was a testament to what they should have done to get it right. They could have explored all they wanted while retaining that signature Coldplay alt-rock sound, something that U2 for example has had a lot more success with.
  3. https://youtu.be/kL1j9igQSlE I watched this today on the band's Reddit and thought to share it here. I think the guy perfectly sums up my own thought and feelings regarding how the band have evolved over the past 20 years and how the fans have reacted to those changes. His most resonating point was the lack or loss of a consistent fan base who follow the band, which would ultimately result in people not even noticing their greatest album since VLVODAAHF (Everyday Life) because the vast majority of their original following have moved on, and their new fans prefer their pop Disney sound. I
  4. Thank you for your kind message. I completely agree with you on Champion of the World and I'm very much glad we got to hear it. I just think it doesn't quite fit the tone of the record quite as much as Flags does and that's why I think they should have been switched.
  5. I've come back after a few months and the forum has changed yet again 😃 I'm struggling to figure out what's what/who's who! Can my dear lovely Oldplayers please enlighten me as to what's been going on and whether there's been another change in ownership? I've never been so inactive in my 12 years in this place and I guess most of it has to do with how social media dramatically improved the ease of sharing your thoughts and opinions with others. A huge number of older members also left and my interest in the band declined as well. I was going to create a new thread to serve as a hub for all of
  6. Well this decade was certainly a lot less eventful for me than the previous one. My interest in the band peaked before VLV (hence why I joined the forum back then) and things didn't quite go the way I was hoping afterwards. As the band matured into the mega phenomena they are today my appreciation for great music also grew stronger and I felt distant from the band. Nowadays my approach to them is a lot more laid back. I've long accepted they aren't going to be the next Pink Floyd or U2 and that's completely fine. A lost opportunity? Absolutely; but it's fine. Let's just accept them for who
  7. What a breathtaking performance! It makes you realize how much we all miss that old band.
  8. I have to admit after listening to it on repeat for the past weeks I feel the same. I think they took it to the next level with the experimentation. What a breathtaking performance! They just weren't happy with the output. They felt he wasn't pushing them enough in terms of creativity and coming up with fresh ideas. Getting Brian Eno on was a genius move but all he essentially did was change the band dynamics. And that's how Viva happened. And then MX happened and all the crap afterwards. I think avoiding working with Ken Nelson was a huge mistake for the band and is what caused their
  9. Well you know I'm not the sentimental type but since I've dealt with this shit for so long myself all I can say is never think of yourself as a lonesome individual with no friends or people/communities who count on your existence (this place included and I want to press how much we all care about you) . Seeking professional help is a must and the better experts out there will recommend medication along with CBT. The music you listen to also matters a lot just like all the other things you get up to on a daily basis. As for the album, I have a LOT to say about it. It's possibly the greatest
  10. Well things are certainly taking a turn! Looks like I might have to change the years on my signature!
  11. I was gonna reserve all judgment until a few weeks after the album drops, but wow! I'm genuinely amazed by this song. First time I've felt like this for almost a decade! It's everything I've wanted from this band in one track; superb instrumentation, breathtaking strings, stripped-back minimal production, great heartfelt lyrics, moody tones and textures... Also VERY reminiscent of Gravity. I'm just blown away by this song and I know of a lot of oldplayers who feel the same. Two interesting facts I've picked up; the intro is most likely a street recording of a middle eastern country (Palesti
  12. Hey guys it's great to be back discussing the band's terrible recent output :laughing: Joking aside I think the project will sonically be similar to what One Republic and Imagine Dragons are doing at the moment with Davide Rossi injecting some magic into it. And my god the forum has changed. It took me a while to figure everything out!
  13. The "esq" in the letter simply means love, which is what the band always write at the end of their post/letters. It's "Eshgh" in Persian. Sa'adi's favorite subject matter incidentally.
  14. I just really got bored if I'm honest. I felt so removed from the whole thing I skipped most of it. I felt an unhealthy dose of indifference towards the band afterwards so I put in Live 2003 and all is well now! GPASUYF alone revitalized my soul!
  15. Absolutely! We have to remain optimistic and I sincerely hope they remain faithful to their original sound if and when they decide to continue with Coldplay. Los Unidades seems to be more than just a side project for Global Citizen but we're still unaware of the details and what the dynamics are. It's a great initiative though if it turns out to be what we think it is. Thank you! 2003-2011 refers to my fanboy period when I followed the band vigorously i.e. paid for their records, went to their live shows and bought merchandise etc. It's not a reference to their music making prowess althoug
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