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  1. I don't think they're comparable at all, I've read The Hobbit 5 times so far and I didn't get bored. They're different things to me, but if I were to choose, I'd always choose Tolkien. :p
  2. I read on Twitter that someone watched it 9 times already and was planning to watch it a whole 14 times ... for all the dwarves and Bilbo ... that made me feel less obsessed. :p
  3. Still on A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin, but feeling really tempted to rush through the book and read The Hobbit again. o.o
  4. I watched it alone twice ... and I usually don't go to the movies alone. Kinda adds to the whole "she's obsessed!", eh? :tongue:
  5. Just got out of the movie 3 hours ago and I wish I could go again right now. *hardcore addict* :embarrassed: Wednesday it is...
  6. Oh and I can choose between those options, but only for the dubbed version.
  7. Welcome to Germany! We're too lazy to read subtitles and instead spend millions on dubbing movies.
  8. Yeah, but every movie is dubbed in German here. They only show dubbed versions on TV and in the cinemas. With the big movies you're lucky if you get a few screenings of the original version per week, but of course they'll only screen either 2D or 3D and not both. The dubbed version runs all day in 2D and 3D. Watching the dubbed version takes away so much from the experience though.
  9. I'm actually not that big a fan of 3D but all the cinemas that are showing the movie in English only show it in 3D ... and I just hate dubbed movies. :/
  10. I watched it both in 24fps and 48fps and I'd definitely recommend the second. The experience is a lot better and the 24fps version actually took me quite some time to get used to. My eyes just wouldn't adjust to the 3D effect and everything was blurry for a bit.
  11. BOFUR LOVE :awesome: I might even watch it a 5th time, even if I end up broke. :embarrassed: Plus this store here had the offer to get 10€ off if you buy the LOTR Extended Edition on BluRay and show them a ticket for The Hobbit. I did that yesterday and I have a new precious for my collection now. :awesome:
  12. So ... uhm ... has anyone watched it more than once? I'm going to watch the movie for the fourth time on Sunday. :uhoh2:
  13. Yes, and a golem shall eat her. :blank:
  14. Yes, it did! Thank you so much again. :nice: I hope you had a very merry Christmas too.

  15. I like how she put "Spoilers" as a tag ... I mean it's so hard to just grab a book and read what happens. :blank: Or maybe that's exactly what she should do.
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