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  1. You are welcome, Louise!

  2. Perfect timing! I just received a wonderful Christmas Eve package from Danceteacher: A beautiful card, three great tree ornaments, a lovely post card of the old city hall in Bonn, and a photo and tattoo from an Oxfam table that she volunteered at recently in Germany! Such a great surprise. Thanks, Jelena! Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday, Bob F. Oxfam America
  3. Hi Oxfam America. I just wanted to thank my secret santa and Bob Ferguson for my very cool T-shirt and stuff. :) Have a nice day! - Louise.

  4. Thanks for posting the above, Tash! Again, the link to find more info on applying is: http://oxfamontour.org/coldplay/europe-were-heading-your-way-and-i-need-your-help-in-stockholm-and-copenhagen/ And if you aren't interested but know someone who is, would you let them know about this opportunity? Thanks! -Bob F.
  5. Hi Coldplayers- A quick note to let you know that Oxfam is recruiting volunteers for this show! If you are passionate about social justice and would like to help Oxfam reach out to Coldplay fans before the concert, and then see the show for free, please find more information here: http://oxfamontour.org/coldplay/europe-were-heading-your-way-and-i-need-your-help-in-stockholm-and-copenhagen/ And if you aren't interested but know someone who is, would you let them know about this opportunity? Thanks! -Bob F.
  6. Hey Coldplayers- I've just learned that quite a few volunteer spots remain for the Texas shows, and we still need applicants for most of the rest of the shows on the tour. To apply, please go to: http://www.oxf.am/ouo For kicks, here's a shot of a couple of our volunteers at one of the recent Hollywood Bowl shows with some guy named Chris who happened to be there too... Thanks, Bob Ferguson Oxfam America
  7. Hey Coldplayers- A quick note of thanks to all of you who volunteered with Oxfam America at the shows on the just-ended first US leg of the Mylo Xyloto tour! And apologies to those of you who applied but were not selected. Thankfully for us we had lots of applicants for these shows, so unfortunately we couldn't choose everyone. And thanks to all the Coldplay fans who signed up at the shows with Oxfam's GROW Campaign to fix the broken food system. Together, we're making a difference! We're still accepting applicants for the rest of the shows in the US later in the tour. If you are
  8. Citizenship is not an issue, as long as you can commit to being at the show!
  9. Thanks so much to everyone who has applied so far! We really value the support of Coldplaying.com members! We just got a shipment of the special edition Oxfam/Coldplay volunteer t-shirts in, and they look amazing. We can't wait to see them on our volunteers! Spaces are filling up nicely for most shows so far, but we have many spots still available for the Seattle, Portland, and San Jose shows. If you know folks in those areas that may be interested, please consider sharing the recruitment page link with them: http://www.oxf.am/ouo Thanks again!
  10. Hey Coldplayers! Wanted to let you know that Oxfam America has opened its volunteer application page for every date on the coming Coldplay US tour: http://oxf.am/ouo We're looking for 20 people at each date to help us reach out to fellow Coldplay fans with information about Oxfam's GROW campaign for a future where everyone has enough to eat. More info on our work on the tour can be found here: http://oxfamontour.org/coldplay/ It's a great way to do some good, spend some time with fellow Coldplay fans who are passionate about social justice, and see Coldplay for free! I hope
  11. Thanks much for posting these! A quick note for US Oxfam-supporting Coldplayers...we'll be starting to recruit volunteers for American dates beginning sometime in late January. Watch this space! Cheers, Bob F. PS: Great last-minute holiday gifts from Oxfam: http://www.oxfamgifts.com
  12. Text-to-donate to Oxfam America's Haiti Relief Fund Dear Friends At Coldplaying.com- You can help earthquake survivors in Haiti. Donate to Oxfam America, a leader in disaster response, on the ground in Haiti providing clean water and sanitation. Donate now to save lives in Haiti. Go to http://www.oxfamamerica.org, or text OXFAM to 25383 to make a one-time $10 donation to Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. We've appreciated your help in the past, and hope you'll be willing to follow Chris Martin's lead by donating to Oxfam to help our work in Haiti. Also, if you've got a blog,
  13. Ivet, Please write a note back to the persom who sent you the note (Probably Flora at the Oxfam office), and let her know your concern, and she'll give you the scoop. Thanks, Bob F. Oxfam America
  14. Volunteer at a Coldplay show w/ Oxfam America Hi Everyone! As some of you know, since 2002Oxfam has toured with Coldplay all over the world to talk to fans about how they could do their part to end global poverty, hunger, and social injustice. We still need volunteers for the upcoming shows: Cincinnati, 6/4 Indianapolis, 6/5 New Orleans, 6/9 Omaha, 6/13 If you're interested apply online at http://www.oxfamamerica.org/concerts. If you have any questions, email me at fsm[email protected] Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you! Flora Smith Volunteer Cooridinat
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