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  1. No solid deadline yet, I'll just continually bump this for the next few weeks or until we get enough song nominations (hoping to get at least 800 or so)
  2. Ooh I was hoping someone would nominate "A Rush of Blood to the Head" it's my second favorite Coldplay song
  3. You don't have to keep track of other people's ballots, and you CAN re-nominate a song if you'd like but once a song is already nominated by someone it's nominated, no need to re-vote a song nominated. But there's nothing stopping you from renominating a song if you so choose to
  4. You're taking this a bit too seriously? The one song per artist rule only applies to an individual's personal top 20, the final chart and list of nominations will have numerous songs by certain artists when everyone has voted, although if people are truly against the one song per artist rule in their personal top 20 then it can be changed, this is all just for fun afterall.
  5. Anyway this is my list, in no particular order Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me) The Killers - When You Were Young Blondie - Atomic The Turtles - Happy Together The Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way? Coldplay - Strawberry Swing The Beatles - Yesterday Jimmy Destri - Living in Your Heart (no one will know this but it's an all time favorite, nonetheless) Muse - Plug in Baby Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U David Bowie - Sound and Vision Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Stereophonics - Dakota INXS - Need You Tonight
  6. Well the first songs will be counted by either artist, your duplicates weren't very uncommon though so I wouldn't be surprised if someone else nominates them soon.
  7. I didn't go through with this last year but I have a new, easy way to calculate these things so it won't be a chore like it was last time. Anyway: Rules/Guidelines (please read): -Nominate 20 of YOUR FAVORITE songs - ORDER DOES NOT MATTER -Only 1 song per artist please, if we don't enforce this we'd have like 40 Coldplay songs on the final list -Coldplay IS allowed but like any other artist only one song nomination per coldplayer. -repeat nominating is redundant because the song is already been entered in the competition, so make sure you don't re-nominate songs that have already been
  8. Could someone post or direct me to some good quality screenshots or stills of the "Strawberry Swing" video, please :dance:
  9. http://arianeb.com/dategame.htm# I got far enough to be able to fondle her breasts and watch her shower before she ended the date.:wink3: Scroll down for cheats, if you're interested :cool: 1. Introduce yourself 2. Say Something Funny 3. Compliment her outfit, kiss on cheek 4. Say you're over 18 5. Read Poetry 6. Dance Soft Rock 7. Kiss while dancing 8. Go someplace else: Kitchen 9. Drink Wine 10. Grab steaks for dinner Follow either: 11. Click on back yard table 12. Wait outsid
  10. And I think there was another interview where they said it more directly.
  11. What interview did Chris say that the reason they clumped together some of the VLVODAHF tracks such as LIJ/ROL and Yes/CSC only to give the customers/fans a bang for their buck?
  12. I think bands should go out on top, but I still need new Coldplay output. Dilemma. :(
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