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  1. I think it may mean temporary why?

  2. When an account is disabled that means it is gone? Yes?

  3. Its a shame people were acting like this towards her! Come on whether it was her or not, Goddddd
  4. Hi Tom, Coldplaying is much better then FBook. Khloe told me about Coldplaying. I like it. I have to get use to it. Theres a couple of things Im trying to work out like how to on my blackberry and posting a pic. I will get the hang of it. Hope to see you around, Dean

  5. I do not know! LOL Just a good friend of mine! Trying to help her out!
  6. she is Kim Kardashians sister and she is married to Lamar Odom of the Lakers
  7. I believe we have a new friend we should know about! Khloe Kardashian is floating around everyone! Yes! It is her official profile ! I know for a fact! she is a personal friend of mine! Met her a while back in NYC! she is going under: K. Kardashian- Odom Lets stop by and welcome her
  8. Now lets get Khloe Over here

  9. Welcome to Coldplaying.com Khloe! Glad to see one of the Kardashians here:)
  10. AS

    Hey :) I'm ok. See yaa soon ;)

  11. AS

    Hello Tom :)

  12. i decided to stay Lets close this thread! Please!
  13. I possibly will need to find some time for CPing
  14. Because of all the attention this thread has been attracting on bother here and on Facebook and Myspace Its crazy! I was just trying to announce a departure, and I am slammed with pleas and questions! LOL
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