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  1. I think it may mean temporary why?

  2. Its a shame people were acting like this towards her! Come on whether it was her or not, Goddddd
  3. I do not know! LOL Just a good friend of mine! Trying to help her out!
  4. she is Kim Kardashians sister and she is married to Lamar Odom of the Lakers
  5. I believe we have a new friend we should know about! Khloe Kardashian is floating around everyone! Yes! It is her official profile ! I know for a fact! she is a personal friend of mine! Met her a while back in NYC! she is going under: K. Kardashian- Odom Lets stop by and welcome her
  6. Now lets get Khloe Over here

  7. Welcome to Coldplaying.com Khloe! Glad to see one of the Kardashians here:)
  8. i decided to stay Lets close this thread! Please!
  9. I possibly will need to find some time for CPing
  10. Because of all the attention this thread has been attracting on bother here and on Facebook and Myspace Its crazy! I was just trying to announce a departure, and I am slammed with pleas and questions! LOL
  11. Yes! My name is Tom! I may consider to stay on CPING
  12. Pleasure to meet you Viri! It seems I am popular with some and unpopular with others! But hey! Whatever! LOL Your a pleasure to chat too
  13. My mood status has been like that since ...............April?!?!?! I dont know! Really did not notice
  14. ohhhhhhhhhhh! As long as we understand that I am not leaving thru anger! LOL I love coldplaying just have no time
  15. No even sure Rudy! Did not even notice! LOL I am real happy
  16. Liquid Sky! I am leaving on good terms ! Just cause I spend 99.99% of my time on FB, myspace, or twitter! I am hardly here! I believe I am taking up space on here
  17. You know what? I have not thought of that! I will do that!
  18. so thats why I am asking people to follow me to Facebook where I am more able to be found at
  19. Because I am leaving Coldplaying as I rarely use this site! I do not wish to lose the awesome people i have met here
  20. indanomati what do you mean?
  21. See! This is mainly for my friends! Thats all!
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