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  1. Can you explain why. Not all singer use vocal playback to support them. Can you tell witch other artist use backing track vocal on main voice? Matthew Bellamy don't use vocal backing tracking and we hear he struggles to reach note sometimes.
  2. For me it was sang 100% live by Chris but on chorus, je has a lot of help from the 4 singer. He was out of breath during all the song, we heard it even during the chorus.
  3. Why do you think it's playback. For this Time, I think he really sang live, we heard less his voice when he was away of the mic.
  4. There was four singer, for me it was played live. Backing track vocal are used since 2005, even guitar backing track (Square one, yellow, 42 in 2008,...). The most important problem for me is when chris totally lipsync on songs. Now as Chris use live playback vocal it's hard to know if he sang live or not. We don't know if ASFOS at NY yesterday was really sang live.
  5. Since the X&Y tour there is a lot of backing track. We don't know what was played by the band and what was prerecorded. For exemple during the bridge in the song 42 there is two electric guitar but only JB played an electric guitar. So we don't know what he really played. It's the same with ASFOS. JB played the acoutic part and after the electric part but the acoutic part still played. Did he really played the acoustic part or was it completly record. Sometime I ask me if some singing were really live or if the whole show was pre record during the AHFOD Tour
  6. I don't understand why he use playback. In this video he sang really well Clocks.
  7. I'm starting to think the majority of the songs weren't played live during AHFOD tour. I always thought the instrument they played on stage (guitare, bass, drums, piano) weren't live because they never failed. Everything was too perfect to be played really live. I'm not sure to see them live in the future if it's to listen something completly false and not live at all.
  8. Are we sure he sang live on the others songs? Maybe the whole show weren't played live. I'm really disappointed he use playback. I heard on Church during the last gig but i didn't know he used playback on the past tour.
  9. Which songs exactly apart from Clocks? Do you have videos of these songs?
  10. They use backing track since a long time. In this video there is 2 electrics guitars but there's only Johnny who played electric guitar, Chris played the acoustic.
  11. Yes I know, Guy already said they'll don't go on tour with this album. But in the media they said Coldplay will not tour anymore if it wasn't sustainable. Yesterday in a french television news they said to Coldplay will never tour again for environment. So, if they tour again everybody will said they were liars and they use ecology for their album promotion, not for their belief.
  12. And it's impossible to have a tour sustainable with all trucks. If one day they decide to do another tour, everybody will tell that their tour isn't sustainable and they'll be no more credible. Now that Chris said that the best for them is to never do tour Alain.
  13. Chris said there'll be no more world tour. Their last world tour was AHFOD. They'll continue to make albums and few gigs but nothing more.
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