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  1. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  2. Willie! You've been gone so long. I watched Memento! It was so awesome. Now I understand your siggy!:D Come back! College football's about to start, I need to talk with someone about how awesome USC is!:P

  3. Willie!! Memento is shipping to me as we speak. It says it'll arrive on Weds. but Im going to see Dark Knight again that night. But Ill watch it by the end of the week!!

  4. Good good ! I'm home now ! I missed my friends . . . I'm not on the board since 2 days :rolleyes: :confused:

  5. wiiiiiiiill...youre cool. just sayin' :)

  6. Yep:smug: Saturday the 2nd Ill be in Hartford watching Coldplay.:D:D:D Ah, Ive had the best 3 weeks in a row. "Dark Knight" last Friday, Im visiting my favorite uncle tomorrow, and Coldplay next Saturday!!:D:D:D:lol:

  7. I've been pretty good, thank you. Summer semester is about to wrap up in the next week or so, so hopefully I'll be able to get on here more often. How have you been?

  8. ZOMG! You're going to a Coldplay concert? I'm teeming with envy right now.

  9. I believe you ;) How are you doing ? Been busy ?

  10. I understand being busy:P I did not watch Memento yet, but it's on my Netflix list so I will probably watch it next week. Im excited Also 8 days till the Coldplay concert for me!!:D:D:D

  11. Gah, I envy you so much right now. If only there was an IMAX in my area. :\ Also, has anyone been keeping up with the box office numbers TDK has been racking up? It's literally blowing every record out of the water - $222,150,806 million in tow after only 6 days of release! Put it this way - it bested the 7-day opening record after only being released for 5 days!! It's incredible what this film is doing right now. If it has the adequate legs, there could even be a chance that it tops Titanic's final tally. Only time will tell.
  12. I seem to be in the majority yet again. :thinking:
  13. Busy busy Nick. Summer finals, etc. But yeah - suffice it to say that I'm about to explode with football anticipation. Did you ever watch Memento?

  14. Haha, and I just now checked here and read your message from... lets see... last MONDAY. :laugh3: Oops. Sorry - I will try to get on MSN soon. :\

  15. Indeed he is. I already had high expectations for Ledger's performance, and he still blew me away. And this honestly has nothing to do with the fact that he passed so prematurely - the performance really is that good by itself.

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