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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :hug:

  2. Not making any promises. :P

  3. as long as you are at the concert, that's all that matters. jenjie will want reviews so make sure you send one in

  4. Hello. Sorry I couldn't help out with sign ideas. Haven't really been on at all. :tongue: Looks like you guys came up with some good ones though. Have fun!

  5. Not to burst your bubble, but you miscounted. You wrote 38 days on 9/19 and then again on 9/20 so we're actually at 33 days now! ;)
  6. Hi, we have to think of a new sign for the jersey concert. can you help us think of one? Thanks, Christa

  7. I still can't believe they're not playing Warning Sign though. :( I guess I was just expecting they would after Chris said they were going to start playing it again. Suppose there is still some hope for it. Setlists are subject to change, after all.
  8. Thanks! I'll be awaiting your return. :)
  9. Cold! (I HATE being hot. Besides, it is COLDplay :)) crab OR lobster
  10. Well, what do you know. I thought it was just a load of bull! Guess I should take that into consideration then. :P Thanks for the help!
  11. You're right, probably not a good idea to risk it when you've got your mom's! A friend of mine bought hers last year and I've been jealous of her ever since. :tongue: Does your mom have the silver or black model? I read somewhere the black one is supposed to take slightly better quality pics but I don't know how much truth there is to that. :thinking:
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