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  1. i also liked hope hung high from them:) And yeah i went to pick it up at the store, i liked it..and you? btw, hows your summer going so far

  2. yeah they seemed familiar, he has some good recommendations its weird cus i usually dont eat seafood and i liked it:) so eclipse is almost here!

  3. We Never Change 4 - A Rush Of Blood To The Head 4 +
  4. 42 18 Animals 9 A Message 19 A Rush Of Blood To The Head 11 Amsterdam 25 Brothers & Sisters 9 Cemeteries Of London 21 Crests Of Waves 21 Clocks 14 Daylight 7 Don't Panic 14 Death And All His Friends 20 The Escapist 6 For You 14 Fix You 28 Glass Of Water 22 Green Eyes 15 Gravity 12 How You See The World 8 How You See The World (v2) 14 High Speed 9 Help Is Round The Corner 16 In My Place 10 I Ran Away 37 Life In Technicolor 34 Lost! 19 Lovers In Japan 20 Low 8 Life Is For Living 12 Ladder To The Sun 25 Moses 20 No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground 7 One I Lov
  5. ello there, i would really eppreciate it if you send me the the song. please and thankyou:)

  6. I Ran Away 157 Crests Of Waves 61 Things I Don't Understand 46 Gravity 23 See You Soon 16
  7. oh i think i've heard of them but not their music..didn't they get announced on coldplay.com? but anyways it was good music. oh sounds nice, goodluck:) and so far i have been hanging out with friends, today we went out and i had sushi for the first time!:laugh1:

  8. okay i will and thanks for the suggestions, ill lsten to those later today. cool, so you have anything fun planned for the summer? Oh yeah well i hope you did well and the last semester usually gets a little crazy.

  9. Oh okay, i'll listen to them:) Well not much, i know i havent been online much. And then my teachers have been going crazy with work but i only have one wekk left:dance: and how have you been?

  10. Oh yeah I haven't gotten around to listen to it either, but i haven't even seen it at the store. Are they a new band? haha yeah, thats what we look forward to. Thats sounds like a pretty good break to me, except for the homework part ha.

  11. ha cool! oh you saw them live..what other bands have you seen?:) did you hear about the new mgmt album? yupp with two of my bestfriends mine was two weeks ago, i didn't do much. It was pretty relaxing just hung out with friends, nothing to exciting..how was yurs?

  12. yeah it as and me too, i think that is probably my favorite from them:) I really like it! I listene to some of their other songs an their good! haha no i don't have one, ha oh sounds sweet:) are you on spring break?

  13. Okay tell me what you think I've heard Lazy Eye before! I just never knew who sang it:D I'll be sure to listen to the other Can't wait, hope it's fun i just went to the movies and to dinner. What about you?

  14. thanks, i did the best i could:) Another one i really liked was Does This Mean You're Moving On? I've heard them on the radio and stuff, what songs would you suggest of them? Oh then you have to let me know how it goes Yes it does, cus I still had a good time:)

  15. Thank you, I'm gonna take it tomorrow! Wow it's not like that here..but it is supposed to start raining later on this week. Oh well good luck, some of my teachers tell us that there gonna make the class harder so i'm just gonna have to work harder.. oh yeah that was the first song i heard from them![: Oh i've hear some songs from snow patrol..pretty good. Your gonna go see muse?? thats so cool..i love it when two great bands team up for a concert! oh thanks:) not really just went to dinner and the movies. couldn't really do much here since it was raining pretty hard:\

  16. it was raining here! but it's all good..i went out to dinner and then the movies:)

  17. I know...he just jealous:P I've been doing good, this week we're testing so i kind of like it cus we have short days what about you? Oh no i didn't..what is it? [email protected] oh and thanks..love the pic!!

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