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  1. Hey guys. I'm worried that this show will be less "packed" than the Sarurday night show. I haven't seen much hype about this one compared to the other. Please tell me I'm wrong! I wanted to go on Saturday but for some reason ticketmaster wouldn't let me buy for that night! I've never been to a back to back thing like this and I'm just wondering if anyone has any info about how ticket sales are going
  2. Got tickets. Didn't get floor seats. Ended up in section 116 row 5! Not too bad.
  3. I'm just here to post some comments about the songs. I dont know if any of you care about my opinion but I'm just excited about finally being able to hear the songs and I want to talk about it. Here's my song by song 'initial' review: A Head Full Of Dreams 10/10 Awesome. This is the perfect Coldplay track. This is the song I've been waiting for them to write for years. The song starts off fast and the guitar is great! The "whoaaas" top Viva La Vida. This will be the tune I start my day off with for years to come. it's powerful, it's danceable, it's big, it's gonna be awesome live, it's Coldplay. Birds 6/10 Not sure why everyone likes this one so much. I've only listened to it 9-10 times but I just cannot get into it. It's a nice song, it is different, and the guitar is great - but it's just kind of just bleh. I actually find this song very boring - as of now it seems like a song I will skip. Maybe it will grow on me. Hymn For The Weekend 7/10 This track is not as bad as I thought it would be. It's extremely catchy and it still (to me) has the "Coldplay" feel to it. Beyonce sounds great! It is a great track for the radio - we all knew the album would have one. Everglow 7/10 A really good piano driven ballad / an average Coldplay song. This one would have sounded better without Stargate. I really like the instrumentation but the song structure, lyrics, and production are just no where near what it could be. I think this one will be great live. Adventure Of A Lifetime 7/10 Cool guitar riff, cool video, cool name, cool this cool that cool cool. A very up-beat catchy song. This is Coldplay doing "Pop/Alt" and doing it right! However, it kind of has an "alarm clock" effect after Everglow. And I'm not much on the lyrics. Fun 6/10 Pretty nice intro/bridge! Then just...... Ugh. Reminds me a lot of X&Y's low points. Tove Lo adds almost nothing and its kind of cheesy. I hope this song grows on me but for now - I don't have much to say about it. Kaleidoscope 9/10 I really like this. It is very different. The poem is awesome, the atmosphere is "dreamy" and the POTUS sounds great at the end. I honestly like the way they did the interlude tracks on MX better, but this still makes sense and it certainly adds to the album in a very good way. Army Of One 7/10 *Press Play* WOW! This intro is awesome, *Bass Comes In* Holy crap!! This is going to be my favorite song on the album! *Chris starts singing* ..........UGH - (*see "Fun" review above). This is one of those times I wish there was MORE production and vocoders etc. This song had so much potential to be different and experimental in the way they want the album to be perceived. X Marks The Spot 8/10 Take Chris Martin out of the picture and this song gets a 3/10. However, the position of this song on the album combined with the fact that Chris Martin's utter "uncoolness" is so freaking cool (I know it sounds weird, but think about it.) It's awesome. It's different, and even though it is not a great song it is something I enjoy listening to. a lot Amazing Day 8/10 Classic Coldplay. The highlight of the latter half of the album. I really like the last minute of this song. This is Coldplay at its best. However, at this point in the album it kind of seems like a downer. I feel like this is where the triumphant song of the album should be, this, to me is not it. It kind of throws off the "happy feeling" of the album in my eyes. Color Spectrum 8/10 This is just a weird wall of ~distant/ambient sounds. However, it's a magical, dreamy one that kind of fits in with the album. I really like it. Up&Up 7/10 Loved the live version. The production on the studio version ruined it for me. Doesnt rule out the fact that it is a very good song though. Great album closer. All in all its a great album 7.5/10. Please dont think that I am trying to be a critic these are all just thoughts ive been wanting to express and none of my friends really listen to Coldplay so this is my venting ground haha. In retrospect, here are my ratings for the other albums VLV - 9.1/10 AROBTTH - 8.8/10 MX - 8.3/10 Para - 8.2/10 X&Y - 8.1/10 AHFOD - 7.5/10 (Initial) GS - 5.5/10
  4. I know i shouldnt post this right now but if anyone has a LINK PLEASE PM ME
  5. Oh, Also: HIDDEN_TRACK: Car Kids (1:02:42) jk ;)
  6. TRACK_01: जीवन का फूल (2:35) TRACK_02: Shooting Star (3:44) TRACK_03: Fool's Gold (4:19) TRACK_04: Since I've Been Awake (4:17) TRACK_05: Curtains (1:52) TRACK_06: Bhārat (5:15) TRACK_07: A Head Full Of Dreams (4:02) TRACK_08: Lucid (6:20) TRACK_09: A World Full Of Color (2:51) TRACK_10: Amazing Day (4:29) TRACK_11: Distant Connectivity (3:37) TRACK_12: Kaleidoscope (2:59) :)
  7. I just bought a 4x4 truck! Woo Hoo! :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]32724[/ATTACH]
  8. I heard clocks on the radio a lot and I thought it was a good song but I never really looked into sang it or anything (I was pretty young, about 10). A while later, I heard speed of sound on the radio. I instantly bought x&y and I've been a superfan ever since!
  9. I haven't been on the forums in a while, but i just wanted to express my love for "Kveikur". It's absolutely the best album I've ever listened to. I love it. It is unbelievable. This is real music. Wow. Ok, I'm done :)
  10. I think this album will be about green oranges and deep footprints in the snow
  11. I've posted these on other websites so they may have already popped up here but anyways: MX : Viva:
  12. Hello, this is a great idea. I'll be sure to contribute, and I would be honored to edit the video if you need someone too.
  13. Parachutes - "We Never Change" AROBTTH - "Daylight" X&Y - Tie between "White Shadows"/"Hardest Part" VLV - "Yes" MX - "Up in Flames"
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