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  1. Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. Havent been around in a while so stopped by to say hi! Miss everyone, take care!!!
  2. Again, thanks for the bday wishes from everyone. Most appreciated:D Hope yours was great too Carla, miss you too! And ya we will meet again soon, and party it up like rock stars:P
  3. Hey Ian! Thanks for the bday wishes! Chris what are you still doing up!:P
  4. Haha! Well right now i am at work :laugh3: Im going to have some bday breakfast soon! Then tonight im going to go out to somewhere good!!!
  5. Thanks so much everyone for the bday wishes, most appreciated:nice: and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLA!!!!!Hope you have a great day friend. Miss and luv ya! Take care:)
  6. Ahhhh! You guys are the best:nice: Thanks so much for the bday wishes, I miss you and luv you all!:hug: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLA!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY:D:D *ill write in the bday thread too, lol!
  7. Hey everyone! Well I have my Muse concert tonight, ahhh! Wish me luck, talk to you all soon:D
  8. Oh ok I see, ya we will have to just wait for the new album to come out sometime:) Ok well have a good night Antonia, talk to you soon then. Bye!
  9. Yep im at work!:D Well Easter is on sunday and ill be gone from Thursday to sunday in Oregon. Thats where the Muse concert is!
  10. Ya the mood totally sets it up, if your feeling shitty it usually means you are going to have a shitty time if you drink. I havent either!!!
  11. Haha, ya so its ok:P Haha no not really, I had a couple drinks and just hung out. I dunno I have to really be in the mood to get really messed up I guess:laugh3: That sounds terrible!
  12. Haha, yep! We have had a couple already, one in particular was my friends 21st bday. He was super super trashed, it was hilarious:P
  13. I know is so so excited, ive been wanting to see them forever! Its getting delievered on monday...finally:P Yep I know I owe pics, im really going to do them. We are almost done painting the whole house too:D
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