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  1. 2nd page?! Anyway, Hearing Damage is fucking great! :dance:
  2. Dp. Jk...just registered...hahaha! :wacky:
  3. Wtf? I can't memorize another new password. This idea is shit!
  4. I think Paula fixed the width issue. :nice: & to make a post, I think you have to click on "More" then "Reply To Author"...? EDIT: No, that's not it...sorry. :sad:
  5. Okay...don't laugh at me... How can I make a post without replying to someone's post? :dunce: EDIT: Nvm, I'm very slow today. iFail.
  6. Shit! The first part was a fail by me then! :P Aww Pauwa! :hug: Damn college & its shit! :sad: Anywho, I just registered to your mini forum...okay, Mr. Paula's forum...here I come! :wacky:
  7. Hey guys! Just watched the 3rd vid, was gonna post that screenshot of Guy & Jonas, but you beat me to it! :P Here it is anyway: They just HAVE to pixelate every damn thing, don't they? Anyway, on the "mind control" pic Denise posted up there, below MIT there's a name, Ute Meta Bauer. When I Googled it a while back, didn't know why they put it...I still don't, believe it or not! Just thought I'd bug your minds with this mystery. Last thing before I go (college tomorrow, gotta go to sleep!), also on the "mind control" pic, at the bottom left there's a "Roadie Arild". I thin
  8. ^^ It's worth the trip if you ask me! :D
  9. WHOA! http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/index.php?a=505
  10. There's a whole lotta white going on in this picture. Anyway, how beautiful is Blow Out acoustic? <3
  11. Ab


    There's another Kasabian thread floating around. Anyway, their latest album was awesome.
  12. Arantza

    Don't worry I do that too (or at least most of the times):P Thank you again :kiss: :hug:

  13. Ab

    Yay me! :awesome: The first thing I check when I log in is the birthday chart thingie at the bottom, I'm THAT lame! :P Hope you have a good one. :kiss:

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