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  1. happy b-day :D

  2. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  3. Ya it does suck, but ya in the end it will turn out good. And make me stonger!:D Thanks so much Mani, I hope things with you are going to be great too:D But ya I am going to, I just need to keep to myself and do my stuff!

  4. Man, i can't even imagine what your going through.. it must be really tough.. but I'm sure you'll come out of it in a good position! If anything the experience will make you stronger right! I honestly really wish you all the best though.. and hey, if moving back into your parents is something you gotta do, then go for it.. as you said, just enter with caution.. keep your guard up

  5. Ya same to you!!! just how things are shitty here and like its hard to make money and find a job and everything is so expensive. Like its pretty hard right now for a person my age:\ But other than that, nothing is really new. Im thinking about moving back into my parents house! *enter with caution*

  6. Um.... i cant think of anything as interesting as you guys, besides the fact that my family is HUGE!
  7. Ahah, i know eh.. feellll freeeeeee too exert the frustrations!! I was thinkin about posting a thread to just let it out, get some advice, but then i was like, i barely come on here, it doesn't look nice :P anything else new and interesting?!

  8. Ugh when is it not a bitch, hehe:P Ohh the BF and ass these day!! Well I guess that makes two of us, then. Just a big ball of frustration!!

  9. I've been pretty good School's been a busy bitch.. ahah lol.. & boys always like giving me problems.. well THE one specific boy in specific.. ugh, now I'm just plain old frustrated!!

  10. Ya, I can never let myself get to that life style of not doing anything and just give up! I just have to push myself more!! So how have you been lately??

  11. Yeah keep at it! The times are though, and all you can do is try.. Its better then doing nothing at all and giving up.. you should be proud :D

  12. Hey! Aw, thanks:nice: ya ive been trying to keep positive about this job thing, but its hard to cause no one is hiring. But still trying:D

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