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  1. No, went to one in the Melbourne suburbs tbf so I didn't expect one anyway
  2. It is good stuff my dudes They tried to focus more on unreleased footage I felt which is nice
  3. i live in the future where are my doco tickets it is friday my dudes gibe tikkit ETA: did some google digging, for aussies try event cinemas or village, palace cinemas if you feel a little fancy
  4. a little under two months until it turns 10 :| oh hell naw i didn't visit to be reminded of this AWAY WE GO
  5. i popped in and was about to babble about how it was weird actually forgetting coldplay were here for a visit and not being too fussed about not seeing them then i see they played swallowed in the sea and don't panic goddamnit why do i do this to myself. i still am not too fond of a majority of the new stuff so is not too bad. also i would have had to subject myself to in my place, but acoustic might improve it tbh.
  6. WELL this is what happens when i dont visit for 3 weeks
  7. rip I was in Sydney in May I do know people in Sydney though. PM me with your Facebook so I can add you + tag in post signal boosting for you. I'm sure one of them would be curious for the opportunity to put a certain stache on a watermelon.
  8. Cobalt


    "Who would do that? Just wrongly attribute quotes on the internet?" - Albert Einstein
  9. a few years later i can manage contacts just fine, what a surprise
  10. can anyone find the floor plan on their website? trying to see where some of the tickets would place you but for some dumb reason it appears not to be up on live nation ETA: also im glad theres not a huge price hike, i was scared of that but looks very reasonable
  11. cool that aus dates are out but eeeewww stadium concerts...
  12. Does Don't Panic count because that's my all time fave otherwise gime sommodat amsterdam, we never change, everything's not lost
  13. The only reason I find this hard to believe is In My Place being second. Otherwise it's kinda known that Coldplay like to stuff their setlists with whatever's on the latest album and maybe have a few throwbacks to older albums with the old singles. Which is why it seems slightly odd that they'd remember Green Eyes exists or bother to play the snorefest UATW, but anyway.
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