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  1. wow interesting! i'm going to download some of the non-coldplay music and take a listen for myself, i doubt that it will ever overthrown any of my coldplay songs on my top 25 most played! :)
  2. Please list your Ipod Most 25 Played. I want to know what you guys are playing and if I see something I like I could download it and listen for myself thanks. 1. Coldplay - Gravity 2. Coldplay - Life Is For Living Live 2003 3. Coldplay - Fix You 4. Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head 5. Coldplay - Fix You Single Version 6. Slightly Stoopid - Wiseman 7. Coldplay - In My Place 8. Coldplay - Yellow 9. Coldplay - Politik 10. Coldplay - Don't Panic 11. Slightly Stoopid - Officer 12. Coldplay - Swallowed In The Sea 13. Coldplay - The Scientist 14. Coldplay - Fix You Live SNL 15.
  3. Do anyone know? Also how many version of gravity do you have?
  4. http://www.kroq.com/kevinandbean/sounds.html There you go check it out! :lol:
  5. I was working and I heard KROQ Kevin and Bean say Chris Martin would be calling in for a interview. I wasn't able to catch the interview but was wondering if anyone has an audio or transcript of the interview? Did he say anything funny?
  6. I am probably going but with OXFAM as a volunteer, but I gotta make sure that my car is out of the auto shop by Friday!
  7. Was that the Sunday Show because I didn't hear Chris say that Saturday?
  8. By the way, Leaving early you missed the best part of the show! THE ENCORE Swallowed In The Sea In My Place Fix You 3 of the best songs ever come on people get real and stop being FAKE!
  9. I went to the Saturday Show 8/20/2005 and I totally agree about the crowd, I was screaming my lungs out and I notice some people really didn't seem like they wanted to be there. The crowd did get louder as the show progress but some people left early to beat the traffic and totally missed the awesome encore was just plain stupid! :angry: If you not a big Coldplay fan don't buy tickets, let the real hardcore fans in because you guys suck! I hope my next concert will be fill with hardcore Coldplay fans so we can lose our voices together :D .
  10. I have a few questions about the video. First, when Chris is walking down the street, there's a sign, "Kings Cross" That's the same Kings Cross Subway Tunnel that was attack in the July terrorist attack in London? Second, when Chris walks by the lighted buildings, there's a coded message, that appears. Does it mean anything? Or random artwork?
  11. I went down to my local Tower Records and the awesome pictures in Filter Magazine of Coldplay. I went to the website but the pictures are too small. I wonder if someone can upload them? http://www.filter-mag.com
  12. hey coldplay #1 are you going to the Coldplay concert in Irvine, CA this August??
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