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  1. U2 Special Edition iPod Video. I do quite love it...:D
  2. That's awesome!! Such a great movie...
  3. Oops...haha. Thank you my friend. :D Nobody did. But the fact that we have experienced Him is proof to us that He does truly exist. It strengthens our faith in Him. And by experiencing Him you'll start to see Him work in ways that only He could do. I know it sounds weird...but it's true!
  4. The song is awesome....live or studio!
  5. I love it the way it is. I can't wait to sit down and learn to play it.
  6. I'm a Christian, a true Jesus follower. I believe that we were created by God to love and be loved by Him. And I do wish that everyone would accept it, because it is truly wonderful. However... I'm not going to shove threats and judgement in the face of somebody who doesn't believe what I do. The true message of Christianity is love, not judgement. And though I do believe that life is pointless and hopeless without God, I won't shout and curse at you for not believing. All I will do is continue to love and pray for you. But honestly...who doesn't want to be loved and accepted?
  7. Really?? Interesting...I wondered how they did that, figuring that it might be hard to write flipsides like that.
  8. This may or may not have been discussed yet, but.... Is Guy the only right-hander in the band? Chris, Jonny, and Will all write the words with their left hands....???
  9. Mmmm....perhaps you should leave. You seem to be lost. Just because I'm losing....
  10. I'm new....obviously. Just saying hello. :D
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