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  1. Woman. I miss you! :hug: Anyhoo Christmas is coming up already! :stunned: Just want to wish you and your family a happy holiday! Enjoy your time off, I know I am. :P

  2. It's been too long! :hug: Haha, it was nice there for a while. Now it's 80 again. :dozey: I can't wait for the snow, it's too damn hot for a pregnant woman. :P I'm good! Things are going just fine. I'm entering my third trimester already, can you believe it? :stunned: I'm gettin' big. :lol: The house is going good. SLOW. But good! Brian's back at hockey, so he's happy. :nice: Red Sox in the playoffs, too! :dance: We're all pumped. Awww, that sucks! :hug: Don't worry, Christmas break will be here before you know it! :kiss: Concerts will help it go faster, too! :P You've been busy! :stunned: And yes, SO much good stuff coming out right now ugh! Volcano Choir, Kanye West and of course Arcade Fire yes they HAVE to tour I don't even care if they don't come to Philadelphia, I'll go to New York or the fucking moon if I have to. :freak: Reflektor is going to be unbelievable! Really not much at all. :shrug::P You? How's things except stupid school? :lol:

  3. Oh my God it's been over a month..... :stunned: How about all this fall weather, eh? :D How are you doing/feeling? How's work? :kiss: My classes finally started this week and it's going to be a fucking busy term :bomb: I wanted classes to start again for like a month and now I think I'm taking that back a little bit.:P I was barrier for Muse again! I saw The Last Bison at WCL. I went to Arctic Monkeys. I went to see Diarrhea Planet with my brother and his friends at one point. I have some other concerts coming up , this fall is intense man :freak: Same for new music releases. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC IS COMING OUT I CAN'T AND ARCADE FIRE BETTER FUCKING TOUR What's new? :P

  4. By the way. The new Volcano Choir album. :dead:!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: And "Atlas"! And "Reflektor"! Oh, so much good music right now. :freak:

  5. Exactly! :nice:!! Tomorrow. Get out tomorrow. It's supposed to be like, 70 and low humidity. I'm super excited just for the weather. :lol: Yes!! Haha I've been doing good! My family doesn't have much of a history of pregnancy symptoms. Except all the soreness. TOMS have become my new best friend, even at work. :lol: But other than that I've been relatively good! Well it's good you're busy! Keeps you active and it won't be as much of a shock going back into school! After sitting around for three months, your legs can really take a hit. :P Good luck! I have a few friends going to that, it's supposed to be fun!! Don't worry about it, my dear! I've been on and off with business as well. Take you're time. I'll be here when you're ready. :kiss:! I'm interested! Not into those movies at all, but it might be good! The lyrics they posted are pretty, so I'm hoping if this song's good it might be a good omen for the next album. :dance:!! You?? :D

  6. Yeah it is a good story, and it makes the house more...YOUR house, y'know? :) The weather was perfect for awhile and now it's back to humidity ugh :( Hahah, any excuse to go overboard on shopping is great! :D How are you feeling? That sounds lovely....apart from the getting sick thing :P My internship is going really well, thanks! We had 2nd st fest in No Libs last week and next week is the huge folk fest so things are very hectic. I'm sorry I respond like once a month I'm so busy with both of my jobs. This is my first off day in 6 days. I swear I'm busier in the summer than I was during the school year. Life is so busy and I keep forgetting about this website :lol: So I'm sorry for the late responses! What do you think about coldplay having a song in catching fire? :)

  7. We actually just got back from a friend's house in Cape Cod, went to the Red Sox game last night too. :D I was a little sick the first couple of days there (not sure if it was pregnancy things or a stomach bug, probably pregnancy) but I got better. The water was so warm! :D How about yours? How's your internship? :hug:!

  8. It's been nuts! But it's kind of fun to build a house from halfway-up. :P It'll be a good story to tell our kids and nieces and nephews and such. Gives the home personality, ya know? I love houses like that. :nice: It's gorgeous outside! I've been hanging out in the park until dusk with my doggies these past two days and it's been so much more comfortable! You can stay outside for more than two seconds without feeling like you're gonna die!! :D I heard the humidity is supposed to go up, though. :snobby: I wish humidity didn't exist. Fun! :dance:! Lemme know how it is! It was fun! Got to eat lots and such. :nice: My summer's been great! It's been quite a year. My belly's growing so fast. :nice: I've gotten to do LOTS of maternity shopping which has been so phenomenal. I actually have a reason to go overboard on shopping. :P

  9. Oh wow, all of that house stuff sounds horribly stressful. Thinking about it almost gives me a headache :P How's it going? But congrats on buying a house! :D I'm SO glad that insane heat wave is over. The weather the last couple of days has been PERFECT!!! :wacko: Can it stay like this forever? My next concert is The Vaccines :dead:!! My Fourth was pretty good! :D How was yours? How's your summer going?

  10. Thank you! :nice: It's tough, but yeah. She was doted upon and loved, and unfortunately they can't live forever. Yay!! I'm glad you had fun! Now who's up next for you? I can't remember, you go to so many shows I can't keep track!! :P!!! I know. :wacky: The National feels like forever ago now and I want to go to another before I hit my third trimester and can't go to any!! :D By the way, how was your Fourth of July? Hope you had fun and ate lots, since it's the American way! :lol:

  11. That's okay! I've been busy too! Brian and I FINALLY found a house! It's only partially built and was in foreclosure, which made it nice and cheap but it needs to be finished. So we've been contacting contractors and builders and such, trying to figure out how we're going to get it all finished up. Plus, we have to furnish it. And I've got lots of maternity clothes to buy, my belly's getting bigger. :uhoh: So don't worry about it, you're not the only one who's swamped. :lol: It was terrible today! I couldn't go outside! I've got the air conditioner blasting in here. It's like an oven out there and it won't end!! :bigcry: I hate extreme heat and humidity. Why can't it be like, 80 and no humidity all summer long? That'd be perfect.

  12. Oh my God I've been SO busy with work, internship, and life that I literally forgot about this site :facepalm: I'm so sorry for the late response! Anyway. Yes this weather is GOD AWFUL IT NEVER ENDS WHYYYYYY And I'm so sorry to hear about your dog!! :hug::heart:!!! That's so terrible :( But you're right, she's not suffering anymore and she had a great life, so just think about that. FIREFLY WAS PERFECT. ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER OH MY GODDDDD. And hahahah, I love going to concerts :wacko:

  13. My childhood dog Aimee, who lives up in Boston with my pop, passed away of a lung infection. She's been part of our lives for SO long, she was my first dog, and it was really, really hard to take. So that's what I'm coping with right now. Poor thing. She was hurting pretty badly up until the end though. So I'm trying to think about how peaceful she is now, and remember all the good times we had with her. She was quite a character. Anyhoo, JESUS woman you've seen so many/ are seeing so many! I don't think I'll EVER come close to as many concerts as you've been. :lol: Have fun, I'm excited for you!!!! God, did I mention how hot it is? :dead: How was Firefly??? :kiss:

  14. I'm baaaack!! :cheesy: And holy FUCK it's hot. :stunned: In Melbourne it was mid 60s, in Sydney it was mid 70s. Most people were in sweaters and I was in a t-shirt and jeans and SO comfortable. :lol: And it's like, a THOUSAND degrees here now. :bigcry: I want to go back! It was a good trip! Unfortunately though, we got some really tough news on Thursday.

  15. I saw: St. Lucia, Dinosaur Jr., Best Coast, Local Natives, Young the Giant, Edwar Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Japandroids, Dirty Projectors, Kings of Leon, On an On, The Vaccines, Deerhunter, Beirut, Grizzly Bear (from very far away hahah), Bloc Party, and Kanye. And firefly is in a week I'm SOOO excited :dance::dance: It's good that you can go through it together though! :nice: You should just take some sleeping pills for that flight :P I would go so stir crazy oh man. But that's so much fun! :D I just have my stats final tomorrow morning but it's probably going to kick my ass. And thanks for the luck! :hug: It barely did anything fuck the weather people they're always wrong. :dozey: THE VACCINES ARE COMING BACK AUGUST 2ND IT'S SO RANDOM I'M GOING TO DIE OH MY GOD And I just confirmed that I'm going to Tame Impala next week :dance: how are you? :D

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