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  1. OMG it "*********"'d the word c u n t s in that I forgot that cping does that

  2. Lauren. :3 I haven't signed on here in like forever so it's like weird but also nostalgic/emotional feeling. I'm so weird. I wish I could go to ACL and meet you there and stuff. I hope you can see Passion Pit, they're so good...though when I saw them the crowd was so full of ****s. I hope you're doing well and are really happy lately. I don't know how often you check this but I felt like leaving you a message here. I am totally in love with you.

  3. Happy birthday to Mr. Berryman, I may not love you like I used to but I haven't forgotten you.
  4. I know I'm a little late, but the Monday night show was great! They put on a good one, as always.
  5. Haha yah I took a long time. Almost never come on here anymore. That's why I just use the view conversation button, makes it a lot easier. :P

  6. You know I had no idea what you were responding to. I had to come look on your page to see what I had written. Haha.

  7. Definitely. :awesome:

  8. Yah I've seen her too. I still like Rooney better though. :P

  9. isn;t rooney amaaazing?

  10. Have you seen her sister Kate Mara? She's an actress too and she's stunning.

  11. Carooooooo! Jo is adorable. How did someone get this? :confused: I doubt his dad's fb page was public. But anyways, that's pretty cute. And yah that's definitely Guy on the left and Mark on the right. Also, whoever said that Quantum Suicide has "comatoes," that's not right. It's "comatose." Like, being in a coma.
  12. Yah, well actually not specifically Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (though I did love that movie), but just one of Rooney Mara's photos from her Vogue photo shoot. I basically have a lesbian crush on her she's so beautiful. :|

  13. I see your Avie is the girl with the dragon tattoo. Great movie.

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