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  1. Oh, I understand :nice: yeah, i've been pretty busy as well with school and such. but i'm REALLY disappointed as well. i was also looking forward to it and it was pretty much the highlight of my summer :( for some reason, i really thought they were going to try as hard as they could to set a new date :cry: but i agree, i'm hoping they consider the Latin America tour and put Tampa or wherever else in FL as the first date *crossed fingers* I did see that tour, and it def. mad me sad. What made me yearn even more, though, was the recent BBC Radio1 Glasgow concert airing :( Made me think about all the fun we could have heard live in Tampa. *sigh* Oh well, i'm still keeping my hopes up!

  2. Hey! Yeah it's been a while, I haven't really been on the forum much because I've been busy but I've been checking in once in a while, and yeah it sucks A LOT that the concert is cancelled :(. I was really looking forward to it and I was going with 3 of my cousins. Hopefully though they'll take note to start off in Tampa for their next tour...did you see the VLV tour live in Japan that's been airing on tv? It made me yearn for the concert soooo much, I guess I'll just have to settle for that :/

  3. Damn I'm not even gonna lie I'm kind of....pissed. I mean first there's no real explanation for the postponement and then it's just suddenly canceled. I'm sorry I love Coldplay but this makes me feel like they didn't even really try that hard, I mean this is the SECOND time that a Tampa show has been postponed/canceled. Do they realize that? I may get over it in a few days/hours but I know a few people who are going to be ROYALLY PISSED about this. I can't imagine what must have happened or how sick somebody may have been that that last show of the tour was canceled so far in advanced and ther
  4. Andi! Long time no talk :nice: Just wanted to say hey and sucks about the Tampa show, huh? :bigcry: After all that craziness in the pre-sale and everything :( Oh well, here's to next time!

  5. I may be wrong but I'm almost positive that the Amphitheatre here does shows all year round. In fact I remember them doing a show in February for the Superbowl. Personally at this point I don't really care if they do cancel or re-schedule though I would prefer them reschedule because I was going with a cousin of mine who's a huge fan and has never seen them and after going through a really hard time with his family this past year he was really looking forward to this as a good distraction. Anyway, if the can come back in November then that would be great. I think more than anything I'm just
  6. Does anybody remember the reasons for why they postpned the concert the last time they came to Tampa.
  7. Ugh I'm so bummed. This is the second time they've had to cancel a Tampa show :/. I hope we don't have to wait forever for it :(
  8. Don't worry, I checked the forum on Easter only to found out that Pit tickets were released last Wednesday :shocked: Dfit00 was able to buy 2 of them. Also, better tickets on Secs 1,2,3 were released as well, but they have been bought. I still think is good if we wait. Where do you want to meet? at the Library? I can walk there after my class is done. Yeah, we must meet tomorrow. The next 2 weeks are gonna be hectic for all of us at USF.

  9. Hahaha wow thats awesome! I've been wanting to get into U2 more lately buytColdplay is awlays better! lol Man I haven't been here in a while so I'm sorry I didn't write back sooner. I'm excited about finally meeting up tomorrow though. My class actually meets tomorrow in the library until 5 so I guess the timing for that is perfect. I have to go out now and I won't be back unti later but if I don't hear back from you then I'll e-mail you so that we can finish getting all the details for tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait for the trip! :D

  10. Hi Andi! Since I didn't buy a U2 ticket, now I have an amount set aside for the West Palm tix :dance:

  11. I haven't been to none yet.

  12. Hey! Hehe I think Guy is pretty cute too. To be honest, though I've been listening to their music for a long time, I didn't actually know what all of them looked like until last year :/ How many Coldplay concerts have you gone to?

  13. Oh that's nice, I am sure you will be able to find tickets. Sleepercar opened for the Fort Lauderdale show on Nov 9. I am not sure about Orlando on the 7th, I think that they were there too.

  14. I was asking you about the West Palm Beach show tickets. Oh well, Snow Patrol is not opening the act for the boys in this show. At least I got to see Sleepercar last year. :)

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