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  1. Hey Laura! Just passing by to say hi! Hope your summer's going well, see you around! ;)

  2. Yah, no problem! :kiss: Thank you, yes I think I will too. Really?! Haha cool. What was your major? My brother's going for civil engineering. I hope your summer's going well too, yes I hope we talk soon. You need to get on more! :whip: :P

  3. Anitha! Of course I remember you :nice: I'm so sorry it's taken me a long time to get back to you, I've since graduated college and have been busy with work. That's sooo awesome you decided what to study! :dance: What did you decide to choose! I hope you're doing good as well :D Talk to you soon! :kiss:

  4. I am so sorry that it's taken me an eternity to get back to you! :shame::shame::shame: Congrats on graduating and getting into Texas State :) I know you'll have a blast! Omg that's crazy, I'm actually in the process of applying to grad school at UF, lol. Anyway, I miss you too! Hope you're doing well and having a fun summer. Talk to you soon :kiss:

  5. Hello Laura! :) I don't know if you remember me, hope yes:), we used to talk about careers and uni stuff :lol: but I've been so offline over here (thanks to school pff) . well just to let you know that I've decided what I'm gonna study, after the stressing time I had :S I hope you're good, and maybe we could talk soon ;) Cheers!:nice:

  6. Indeed! :D Yah, I chose Texas State. I'm graduating tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about everything in general! Yah, I just got back from Florida. My brother's going to grad school at U.F. so we were checking it out/finding an apartment for him and his girlfriend. I miss you, I hope I talk to you again soon! :kiss:

  7. Awww girl I miss you too :hug: I'm going to be in Atlanta end of Aug around my birthday, and was seriously considering spending a day or two in Savannah. How close is that to where you live? I really need to get my ass in gear and make a hotel reservation, i've been procrastinating lately... I need to buy plane tickets too and rent a car aaaaahhhhhhh................... :lol: Anyway I'll talkl to ya soon. Good to see ya poke your head back in here :D

  8. I miss you too! :kiss: i just saw your tweet! I'm so bummed I didn't know about the beehive while I was actually IN London :dozey: just my luck lol. Do you have skype Laura? We could always chat and catch up on there :D

  9. Darcy! Just wanted to say hey :D Hope all is well :kiss:

  10. Ioshi! Just wanted to drop by and say hello :nice: It's been forever since we've last talked...hope you're doing well :hug:

  11. Jenn. We haven't talked in ages :( Not good! Hope you're doing well! Miss you terribly! :hug:

  12. Ms. Lauren! I know you're almost graduating soon! Congrats :D Did you ever decide what college you're going to attend? This must be such an exciting time for you...I know you'll have a blast! Anyway, hope to talk to you soon! P.S. I saw on FB that you're in FL! I live in North FL, lol. Hope you're having fun in the heat :lol:

  13. I miss my dear Lizzy :( EDIT: You changed your username! :cheesy: Love it :hug:

  14. Man, if all my profs in college looked like Guy, I would have never graduated :P d'awww :wacky::heart: I think the gif is kind of interesting. Definitely something you would expect from Apparatjik :D
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