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  1. Kev96

    hola, lore queria saber si tiene alguna pagina de tus bootlegs de la banda ? por q algunos links estan caidos y quiero descargarlos desde ya muchas gracias, saludos desde argentina

  2. I just got my secret santa package!! Can't wait to get back home and open it :D
  3. Merry Christmas everybody :D I still haven't received my secret santa card, but I haven't really received anything in the past week, so it's probably because of our terrible postal service :p
  4. A girl I know sells the band magnets , I took the other pics at a coldplay show and printed those :D
  5. Yay!!! You're welcome! I thought it was going to arrive in january and I was so worried about it!! Merry Christmas!!
  6. I sent my package last Friday :D I'm so sorry for your loss, sending you a big hug from the other side of the world!
  7. You have to send a card, and maybe a little something, but just if you can. There's no need to send a package because shipping costs could be too much. Something you can fit in a small envelope would be perfect, I think.
  8. Hey! :D :kiss: :dance: Awww :D :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
  9. After a long time, this year I'm in :D
  10. Christa my dear :kiss:
  11. We were asking for In My Place too :( I was at Guy's side though. What an amazing show, I love concerts in Brazil :D
  12. That's a great section, you'll have a great view! I did front row, guy's side twice and the view is amazing but well, I couldn't see the other stages (I can't complain anyway) I also went to lower bowl seating in Sao Paulo and had a great view, it was around sections 236/235 if we try to locate it on christa's pic but it was pretty close to the c-stage so it was lots of fun :D The fireworks, xylobands and confetti are very fun to look from a seated section!
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