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  1. Apparently there's a rumor flying around that LP6 will be called "Random Acts". I actually like that name.
  2. Every time Coldplay is about to release a new song/album, I always get just as worried as excited. I always think, is this going to be the one? The Coldplay song/album that I don't like? The point where I don't like where they take their sound? Hasn't happened yet, but I always worry lol.
  3. 1. MX/Hurts Like Heaven 2. AHT/Don't Let It Break Your Heart 3. Up With The Birds 4. Charlie Brown 5. Moving to Mars
  4. If this ends up being the case, I'm not gonna lie, I'll be pretty disappointed.
  5. Well wouldn't they have had to have played an unreleased song live first? We probably would have heard about that by now.
  6. That doesn't sound very consistent with the band's past releases but I suppose they have been known to randomly change up things like that so it's definitely possible.
  7. You'd think that they'd release the single at the same time as the music video tomorrow. Isn't that what they usually do?
  8. Anyone else crossing their fingers for a B-side?
  9. I really don't get how people didn't like this, I thought it was brilliant.
  10. Don't provoke without expecting backlash.
  11. I remember when the album first came out, everyone commented on the "catch a cannon ball" line, saying that it was a Kung Fu Panda reference. At first I thought, why? That's such a random reference. Now that I think about it though, it makes perfect sense since the director of Kung Fu Panda was collaborating with Coldplay the entire time! I wonder if there are are any other hidden references to his work in the album or comics.
  12. Could someone pm me that Princess of China instrumental? It's not on iTunes or anything...
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