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  1. Awesome that RiRi came out, love her and Coldplay together.
  2. 1) Green Eyes 2) Fix You 3) Every Teardrop is a Waterfall 4) Crests of Waves 5) A Message
  3. I think AROBTTH and X & Y is EASILY their best albums! But to be honest I love all of Coldplay's albums. Unfortunately MX is the only one where I have to skip tracks at times. Whatever they want to do for their 6th album, I'm sure it will be better than any fantasy I could come up with, and will amaze me! Just don't keep us waiting too long. If they won't do another album until say 2014, I hope they release an EP that can stay part of the Mylo Xyloto era the fourth quarter this year or first quarter of 2013 to tide us over for when they've finished the tour and want to rest/work on the
  4. I saw the movie yesterday, it was really nice scene and when the movie was over I had to play Til Kingdom Come four times.
  5. I'm excited to find out what it is!!! All I know is that the Mylo Xyloto show must be released in Blu Ray! I gotta own that so I can enjoy it in HD anytime I want.
  6. It's been listed on AllAccess.com to be impacting radios on August 6th, a good indicator of it being the next official release from Mylo Xyloto (at least in the States) What do you guys think? I think it's a great choice for Summer and I can't wait for a music video if we get one! link
  7. Uplifts me! Love this track a looooot, my boys smashed it. And I like the vocal arrangement it's a little faded in some areas but the band is playing so hard on it I just don't even care
  8. Haha "A simple plot but I know one day, good things are coming our way" completely got me! Therefore the second part just makes my day :cool:
  9. 10. How did it not make the album?
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