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  1. somehow, the link leads to makin a new thread??? :\
  2. I'm actually a big Linkin Park fan... and I'm not just relating to their old stuff, I really enjoyed 'Minutes To Midnight' and 'A Thousand Suns', I even went to see them 3 times in Germany and I had a blast every single time :D I understand if people - most of them fans of the old nu-metal lp - dont like the direction the band is going right now but imho they are doing a very good job with reinventing and developing their music, I dont think I would be very thrilled with a 4th 'Hybrid Theory' by now... as for me, they should carry on with ignoring all the hate they gain, seems like they dont g
  3. Jop :) sollten sie wirklich wieder nach hamburg kommen, kann ich dir nur raten, die gelegenheit zu nutzen ;)
  4. Wilkommen, bin auch aus Hamburg! :) Hoffe auch das sie wiederkommen, 2008 waren Sie ja schonmal da! :D
  5. I'm totally okay with it :) sure, moving to mars is absolutely wonderful and it seems to be the only song which reminds of the old, classic coldplay. and if they wouldn't already have released half of the album, i would be thrilled to see it beeing on the tracklist. but at this point, I would rather have as much unknown songs as possible till the release date because it's the only thing that get's me excited when picking up my copy... and im still sure that these guys know how to put this whole thing properly together, even without mtm :P after all, the tracklist looks reeeally varied and subs
  6. Hey everybody, nice to meet you :) My name is Chris, I'm an account manager from Hamburg, Germany and 22 years old. I am actually registered here since 2008... thats also the time I started to become a massive Coldplay fan (since Viva la Vida) and immediately consumed they're whole discographie :laugh3: Already saw them 2 times, absoluteley gorgeous and unforgettable. i just decided to become an more active member... I guess right now, with all these announcements and new releases, it's the right time to start sharing the passion and happiness with other like-minded people. So, I see you on
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