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  1. Ohh thank-you! I noticed the Coldplay site was updated and was like: "Ohh no since when?! Argh!" And clearly I have been away yet again *points to reply date* ahhh sigh...
  2. I've been so out of the Coldplay/Coldplaying loop recently (damn study!) What have I missed?!?!?!
  3. I have that podcast! One of the interviews didn't go on though i'm watching it RIGHT NOW
  4. yeah i am quite delayed, i'vebeen busy with studying atm because i'm only aout a month from finishing my final year of high school :shocked2: nah the english language thing was a requirement from the uni not for applying for a student visa, but i still needed something to certify it which i found strange seeing as (as you said) i am clearly from an english speak country...
  5. Ooo okay now I can say you're on a plane or there or something! :D Yeah on the application form it had a section asking for a certificate in English language qualifications, and I was thinking "Uh... aren't I from an English-speaking country?!" Well now I've decided to go to university in Australia for about a year and then do an exchange to London for a year and move back up there later if I like it heaps :) cheaper for me and gives me more time to save up and plan everything properly :)
  6. Hahaha love the salad quote, he's such a silly boy, ahhh :love::chris:
  7. :chris:>:guy:>:jonny:>:will: But I reckon they're all handsome in their own ways and I'm very excited because I only just discovered these smilies AND I'm getting an iPhone very soon, possibly tomorrow. COLDPLAY APPS MUCH?!
  8. Didn't read that thankyou whoever you are! totally feeling like a dodgy aussie right now but whatever :lol::D:sneaky:
  9. Ahh I was going to have to do an English language test because I don't have any certificates to say I can speak English haha. I've heard how hard it is to get a visa, did it take you a long time? Ooo how exciting! that means you'll be there almost (according to my time), hehe yay! Did you say how long you're there for/did I already ask that?
  10. Sorry for the delayed reply :P WOW that's a lot of money! I'm kind of doing what you're doing now, I'm going to go to uni here in Aus for a year and then go over to London for a year on exchange, it's cheaper and the uni i'll be at (IF i get in :S) gives some financial support as well besides, we're at that point where exams are in a month and a bit and it's starting to get even more expensive to go overseas (getting visas, doing tests that cost like, a lot) so I figure a year is better than nothing... And you'll definitely need to tell me what it's like up there :D what university are y
  11. Haha it sure is :P Yeah I'm pretty excited for London, if all goes well and I can get there that is! Fingers crossed! I'm hoping to study Media and Communications :D

  12. Wow Australia huh? Huuge time difference from here then! I'm jealous that you're going to London! I've been dying to go to Europe for a while now haha. What do you think you want to study? Oh yeah and school not torturing you? I'm sorry what was I thinking....:D

  13. What are these bracelets you speak of and why have I not heard of them?! :P Haha that's exactly what my friends think of me in relation to Coldplay :embarassed: Indeed :) I reckon it's pretty cool, but I'm thinking it needs more pictures, which I shall add. I'll put some photos up in a couple of days, just need to fill up the gaps (I dislike gaps :P)
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