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  1. Hey! Hadn't realized it'd been so long since I was on here. Crazy! The best way to say it is life has changed. Quite dramatically I guess, but slowly over time. How are you?! Hope you're well too!

  2. Why can't you say, you're perfect and I am happy with you just as you are? You don't even have to mean, I'd just like to hear it.
  3. Remember in one interview Chris said he wants the finish the newer trilogy. First trilogy: Parachutes, AROBTTH, X&Y, Second Trilogy: VLVODAAHF, Mylo Xyloto, ? We need an ending, so no worries ! :D I think I'd much rather one more than like 2038789247 more. I'd like them to challange everything they have into one amazing album rather then just a few good albums.
  4. Is Marina and the Diamonds the only supporting act for them on the 11th? Just wondering since I think its their last NA tour date this year. Maybe something big will happen :D Hope so! I can't wait ! :shocked2: Its in sixteen weeks !
  5. I learned no matter how long it's been he will always have something against me. And the sad thing is all I did was like him...
  6. I think I lost all my Coldplaying friends since I haven't come on in forever :(
  7. The Scientist in 2002. I disliked it and disliked Coldplay. I thought it was too slow. Thank goodness my tastes change when I first heard Fix You in 2005. It's beauty pulled me in so deep that I've been in absolute love with Coldplay since then :smug2:
  8. This. But Coldplay should realize that their true fans stick with them no matter how the world views them. Hence they should continue making more music. Hopefully we might hear something along the lines of Wedding Bells in LP6.... (I just want to hear it fully :()
  9. I want to buy a Coldplay shirt, I like the ones they have on Esty and Ebay... but I also want to make my own. This is to wear to the concert this summer. What would Chris Martin do? :thinking: . . .
  10. Strawberry Swing with Violins. I hope to hear it in concert, but they probably won't ever play it again. :(
  11. I love the songs from MX a little more than VLVODAAHF, but the way they presented VLVODAAHF was much better... I came to like the graffiti, the dub-step-like music, the duet with Rihanna, the animal costumes, but truly, the couple in Charlie Brown getting more intimate than needed.... wasn't needed.... I understood the video, basically about being young and crazy (reminded me of We Found Love by Rihanna). I just think somethings aren't and wont ever be a Coldplay thing. One thing that I thought would never be in a Coldplay video was raunchy things. Coldplay is suppose to be one of the few a
  12. Hi guys, I don't really come on coldplaying a lot, but I was browsing this thread and I just wanted to say I LOVE CHRIS'S BEARD! :heart: Is he growing it out? Please please preettttyyyy please :wideeyed:
  13. I haven't been on here in months, I forgot how much better than facebook this was.
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