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  1. I'm in Adelaide! Have you bought tickets yet?
  2. Oh awesome!!! Keep me posted will you?? Where are you from in Australia? QUOTE="tekjansen505, post: 5865793, member: 106589"]I'm also coming from Australia! I haven't bought tickets yet, still trying to collaborate on a show of choice with a couple of friends from the US.
  3. hi everyone I'll be back in Sussex for a family party in July which ties in nicely with the Cardiff dates. My husband is being a nightmare so I'll be coming up on my own. I'm going to come up the night before so I can line up early but I want to hook up with other coldplayers so I'm not alone. Will most likely be the second night. Who is going and can we line up together please? Lucy x
  4. This has been the screensaver I my iPad since Andy Gotts uploaded it last year. Love it!!
  5. I am beside myself!!! My managing director got me pre-pre sale tickets today through Amex centurion . I have AOAL tickets for Sydney and gold standing for Melbourne! And LFDiane is flying from the US to come with me!!!!!!!! Wooooooo!!!!
  6. Dianne I am so so happy for you my friend! And a little jealous xxx
  7. Hey! I'm good! I lurk and rarely sign in....still die hard. Hope you're well xo
  8. Hey!!!! i always lurk but don't often sign in. I'm still diehard......how are you? XX
  9. It's insanely good. I literally cannot stop listening. I fell asleep with it on repeat and woke up to it still going. Always expect the unexpected with the boys. It feels like Chris is reborn and has come out the other side from the divorce. Yes it's very 'pop' bit who the hell cares?? My boys are back and I'm deeply in love!
  10. He deserves to be happy. GP can't have been a barrel of laughs...so self centred.
  11. PS I was front row in front of Chris. He's BUFF. Massive guns. Just saying!!
  12. It was the best night of my life!! I'll write my review in the plane home! X
  13. OMG ANDY!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! xoxox
  14. Naw that's lovely!! Of course I will! We aren't allowed to take our phones or cameras in as they're filming.....
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