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  1. I made this three weeks ago. I love to show my love for the band.
  2. Lucky you :) I read that on your Twitter! It was a nightmare to stand in the line, get ready, excited and then go home 2 minutes later...
  3. Very glad to read all your reviews and emotions on the Live-DVD. Unfortunately I never got the chance to see it. When we stood in line (!) to go into the cinema, the cinema-staff screams out: "Due to technical issues, we can't show the movie..." I went to 8 concerts with Coldplay this summer (Paris including) and I am heartbroken... Luckely the DVD comes out in a week from now.
  4. Flying to Hannover later tonight for my 6th MX-concert this summer - and last. Already it feels kind of sad, but tomorrow we will be glowing one last time in the dark and enjoy the show! :D
  5. Truly magical tonight - again. I have a nice video of mx-hurts like heaven on my facebook :) Martin Engström. See you all in Hannover on Saturday for the mx-final in Europe! LOVE COLDPLAY.
  6. Will fly to Prague tomorrow from Sweden for the show and then right back home early on Monday morning. But, I do everything to watch Coldplay. See you all tomorrow and hope everyone will enjoy the show!! :)
  7. Are so happy for every single soul that will see the show tonight. It's truly magical. On Sunday it's my turn again :)
  8. Yeah, come on radio stations! Give us a stream!
  9. Really need and want a livestream for tonights show!! :( Some German radiochannel has to broadcast, right?
  10. Looking forward to the show! It will be amazing everybody :)
  11. Even though the concert is held in Germany an alot of Germans are in here - can you please try to write in english so everybody understands? :) I had German during my school-years, but have forgot it...
  12. Yellow sounds wonderful tonight. Loving it.
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