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  1. lol... that was made in Sept/Oct 2005...I still have him except his shirt somehow disappeared? and the little rubber bands we used came undone...he back to the way that nature intended him to be :p and yes, I did have a little too much free time!
  2. I would love to see Coldplay in Mexico! Do you all think Coldplay could fill up Estadio Azteca or would that be too big? Maybe Foro Sol?
  3. Bunnies and Guinea Pigs can both support MTF :)
  4. Here is my "Coldplay" Decided I would modify my stuffed guinea pig... http://coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22283
  5. Corkus, What chants are you guys referring to? I looked in the previous pages of this thread and was unable to find anything. Thanks!
  6. Anyone know where they are setting up the B and C stage for tonight's show? I'm in Floor section B3 so I doubt it will be anywhere in my vicinity... maybe on the Grass Berm area like for the lawn shows? Hmm...
  7. No tickets left? Looks like I got shut out about a minute into the best buy presale....kinda weird
  8. Seems like we're shut out of the summer tour...as of this moment. There seems to be a week in between the AZ and Las Vegas show......looking at the Honda Center and Staples Center calendars, it looks like they could fit a gig in each place if they wanted to *keeping my fingers crossed*
  9. hey everyone, just wanted to say that first off, I bought The Who's new album 'Endless Wire' and am in LOVE with it :) It's really good, never a moment where I felt like just turning it off or skipping any songs, the little mini rock opera 'Wire & Glass' is really good too.....brief but good. I also had a chance to see them in Indian Wells, just outside of Palm Springs last Saturday the 11th. The show rocked. I was third rown right about in front of Pete. He was windmilling all night, Roger was swinging his mic like a lasso too. It was great show, lots of stuff from the new album an
  10. Coldplay tattoos? Hey anyone out here have any Coldplay related tattoos? I was thinking of getting the cover for The Scientist single, but well that's going to be ano go.......it seems to hard and expensive so I went with my second favorite song......Fix You I think I'm going to the shop tmrw to get an estimate as to how much that would end up running me......I mean, it's basically just squares, although I'm sure the color will make it go up, we'll see... anyone else?
  11. Domenica, I was in 11th row of section 102, centered right along with Chris' piano.......I was surprised 11th row was so close, until I was told even was on the sides.....so I was technically 6 rows back........wow, I'm still on a high.......and LAST NIGHT = the day, in which, Coldplay > U2......forever.
  12. I was at the Chula Vista show and we also got A Rush Of Blood To The Head....... but Anaheim 2 wins, hands down! :)
  13. I asked for a set list from the sound crew before I left......here it is as typed on it: Square 1 Politik Yellow Speed Of Sound God Put A Smile X & Y How You See The World Don't Panic White Shadows The Scientist Till Kingdom Come Ring Of Fire Green Eyes/Trouble Clocks Talk Swallowed/Hardest In My Place Fix You they played Green Eyes instead of Trouble and Swallowed In The Sea, not The Hardest Part
  14. anyone know around what time the boys come in for their soundcheck.....I'm debating whether to skip school today and leave earlier than I plan in order to make it to the Arrowhead Pond by the time they arrive there.......and perhaps get a chance to meet them, even if it's a longshot?(it kinda worked with U2, Bono and Co were late though....) any estimate of when they might arrive, and I'd be sure to be at the loading dock area....... thanks everyone!
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