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  1. What if...MOTS is a concept album. 1 unreleased track from each album, now finished. So 8 tracks in total, or 9 if there's a brand new SPHERES track. They could be finished from older versions, completely rerecorded or a mixture of both. A journey through the Coldplay sound. FYI I am well aware that this may have been said elsewhere, I'm only just contributing to this convo 😬
  2. I may have only just started posting properly (though I joined 7 years ago!) but I am a 'hardcore coldplayer', for lack of a much better term. I have followed them for 15 years, since I was just a kid, so I'll allow myself to qualify. As for the new track, I have no problem with differing opinions, I just found the massive amount of negative comments a tad surprising. I also noticed that 99% of them seem to be from users that joined in 2015 - why is that? I haven't a problem with it, I'm genuinely curious as to whether there's a reason for that.
  3. Wow, what's with all the negativity? I'm seeing plenty of good reaction all over social media, where are those people here? I love the SOUND of the track a lot. I can't fault it. The lyrics are a tad simplistic, but there's a ton of Coldplay songs like that that I LOVE. Can't wait for the album!
  4. Fell in love with YELLOW on the radio in 2000. The rest, as they say, is history...
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :)
  6. I'm not exactly a new member, as you can see by my profile I joined back in 08. However I only posted a few times before disappearing, so none of you will know me. I hope to post regularly from now on. So....hey! :wink3:
  7. I'd say it's certainly in their top 5...
  8. Without doubt my favourite from PM (LIT ii a close second). I love it the way it is tbh, but hey thats my opinion...:)
  9. The original is great, but with lyrics its amazing. I love belting out those words with Chris :)
  10. Chris played it last night:) glad he did it, it really is a beautiful piece of music.
  11. Yes?

    Hello :)

    Hey thanks for the welcome guys and girls:) two words for last night. Epic and amazing:DThey even did my favourite Green Eyes, which i wasn't expecting them to do. Cant wait to see them again:P
  12. Yes?

    Hello :)

    Decided to join! Im a huge Coldplay fan. Look forward to discussing them with you all. Going to see them for the first time in Manchester tonight! :D
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