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  1. Not sure about that, they always do Manchester. Can't see them only doing Glasgow and London. They've said there are many more dates to come, so...
  2. Slightly off-topic, but I figure this is where I'm most likely to get an answer - how likely do we think it is that they announce dates for Manchester in the UK? They've always done the city in the past, and the Etihad seems like a safe bet. I'm torn between booking Wembley tomorrow and travelling to London, or holding out for the M dates...
  3. MOTS for me is the boys taking their experimental phase from Everyday Life and applying it to a pop framework akin to A Head Full of Dreams - and it is so, so much stronger than that album. A sign of how much I like it came when I tried to decide on my least favourite track, which I found genuinely difficult. On balance it's probably My Universe, which I still like. Humankind, People of the Pride and Coloratura are all potential elite tier songs. Biutyful surprised me massively and is one of my favourites. Infinity sign is a great Hopkins piece, and Let Somebody Go has been a real gr
  4. Yes, I was being sarcastic, don't worry. I just find the relentless negativity on a fan site a bit much sometimes. I'm all for constructive criticism mind you.
  5. It's very time consuming prepping posts to slate the album, insult Chris's lyrics, the production, cry for the old stuff etc. Luckily we only have to wait a few days for this usual wave of positivity to hit.
  6. Biutyful sound strange and slightly experimental. I like it.
  7. I said it after the leak and I believe it even more after hearing the proper snippet - this is a great pop song with a strong hook, a funky bass line, an interesting structure (that drop at the end!) and a fun, fitting featuring artist. Is it a masterpiece of composition like Coloratura? No. That's OK. I think it's a strong single that will chart well, probably grow on me even more and, most importantly, it reflects what the boys want to do. Quite frankly I find the comparisons to SJLT and X Marks the Spot, which I've read from various people, a little bizarre. The track sounds absol
  8. The reason being that the intro to LiB is almost identical to what we hear in the trailer - only now it's a little more electronic.
  9. I just checked and it's not sold out. Where are you ordering from?
  10. Nice! Here's hoping it doesn't take forever to ship. I ordered the EVERYTHING bundle (I'm now broke), so got my fingers crossed.
  11. I'm floored by this. I have the same feeling I had when I first heard Arabesque, in that I know after 1 listen this is up there as one of their absolute best. If we are talking inspiration and references, the biggest vibes I got were Pink Floyd - who are no doubt in the top 3 bands ever to record. The chorus reminds me so much of Brain Damage. It's almost like they took Moving to Mars (one of my favourite Coldplay songs) and turned it into a 10 minute epic space opera, complete with lush strings, ambient sounds, stirring guitar and the lyrics to match. Just brilliant. Also,
  12. No, there'll probably be more singles after My Universe.
  13. It's not a single, it's just an album track that they're releasing - so (likely) no video and no risk. Next single is My Universe in September.
  14. A question for anyone who can help. When does the Coldplay store take payment for pre-orders? Is it as soon as I put the order through, or when the item is shipped/released?
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