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  1. I said it after the leak and I believe it even more after hearing the proper snippet - this is a great pop song with a strong hook, a funky bass line, an interesting structure (that drop at the end!) and a fun, fitting featuring artist. Is it a masterpiece of composition like Coloratura? No. That's OK. I think it's a strong single that will chart well, probably grow on me even more and, most importantly, it reflects what the boys want to do. Quite frankly I find the comparisons to SJLT and X Marks the Spot, which I've read from various people, a little bizarre. The track sounds absol
  2. The reason being that the intro to LiB is almost identical to what we hear in the trailer - only now it's a little more electronic.
  3. I just checked and it's not sold out. Where are you ordering from?
  4. Nice! Here's hoping it doesn't take forever to ship. I ordered the EVERYTHING bundle (I'm now broke), so got my fingers crossed.
  5. I'm floored by this. I have the same feeling I had when I first heard Arabesque, in that I know after 1 listen this is up there as one of their absolute best. If we are talking inspiration and references, the biggest vibes I got were Pink Floyd - who are no doubt in the top 3 bands ever to record. The chorus reminds me so much of Brain Damage. It's almost like they took Moving to Mars (one of my favourite Coldplay songs) and turned it into a 10 minute epic space opera, complete with lush strings, ambient sounds, stirring guitar and the lyrics to match. Just brilliant. Also,
  6. No, there'll probably be more singles after My Universe.
  7. It's not a single, it's just an album track that they're releasing - so (likely) no video and no risk. Next single is My Universe in September.
  8. A question for anyone who can help. When does the Coldplay store take payment for pre-orders? Is it as soon as I put the order through, or when the item is shipped/released?
  9. I am convinced that any further volumes will be EPs. They're gonna do a big tour for this album, and I just can't see them releasing another LP so soon after this one - nevermind two! Perhaps volumes 2 & 3 will make up the EP package to be released 6-12 months after the LP? Personally I'd be happy with that. New Coldplay music is new Coldplay music, and I'm not even convinced I'd want 3 LPs in as many years. I mean, I wouldn't complain, but if you ask me now...
  10. To me, the length of this track along with the very nature of a nebula suggests a song that will shift and transform across its running time. We could be talking a mixture of styles. If not, then at the very least a build up of different textures and sounds that crescendo into a cohesive whole.
  11. I've heard the full track a few times now, but I'm gonna stop until the September release - at that point I'll be hearing it everywhere, so I don't want to tire of it! My thoughts: I really like the production. I LOVE the funky bass. Chris' voice is great, and the hook is VERY catchy. The BTS boys also blend in really well, and I'm happy that there are parts in Korean. The final drop is great too (as heard in the trailer)... Critiques? The lyrics are indeed very simple, but then again this is clearly one of a couple tracks from the album designed to be a charting single, and this mak
  12. Coloratura Friday, next official 'single' September - surely My Universe.
  13. I think for an official announcement it'll be on the main site as well tbh
  14. When you realise you've still gotta wait 3 months It'll be worth it though! That release date is legit. It's one of the links that revealed planets prior to them going live on Alien Radio.
  15. Yep I'm quoting Coldplaying/ColdplayXtra, I have no info myself. I wish I did!
  16. Personally I think there's absolutely no chance that it's a 3 part release spread over such a long time. It'll be a single LP released in one go. At the most it'll be split into 3 parts on the album itself, much in the same way EL was in 2.
  17. That one is a guess. The one I posted is official - from Alien Radio itself. And in order.
  18. The 'you're so beautiful' snippet plays over a different planet to Kubik - which seems to have no discernible audio clip.
  19. I think it'll be 9 or 10 songs, with 2 or 3 instrumental interludes... For now I'm going with 10 + 2.
  20. The planet names are: Neon Moon I Kaotica Echo Kubik Calypso Supersolis Ultra Floris Neon Moon II Epiphane Infinity Station Coloratura
  21. Yep, it's officially available on Amazon UK. I've just bought and downloaded it. Sounds so good.
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