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  1. Hi! I'm looking to buy 1 GA ticket to any of the emirates stadium shows.. Please message me if you can help! :) Thanks
  2. Wow! This song is incredible! Jonny Buckland you star! :o Definately also my favourite of the new songs :)
  3. Come home from the US just 9 days before Lollapalooza :cry: Fairly bummed I can't make it, but what can you do! Sorry Coldplay, but I just can't afford the extra $1000 to change my flight haha :)
  4. thanks mate I'll see what I can conjure up!
  5. Hello people just wondering if anyone would be helpful enough to help me get a sound close to what jonny gets on yellow during the current tour. I realise he has thousands of dollars of rack effects etc but what does everyone think. I have a fender 2009 standard tele, digitech gnx3000 processor and fender frontman 65 watt amp. My band's covering it and of course I have to pay respect to the greats of coldplay by sounding perfect haha:)
  6. tremolo picking is basically when u rapidly pick a sting (or 2 in this case), up down up down really fast. Probably not a great explanation but yeah
  7. thanks guys. Yeah I like the delay sound jonny's achieving on this tour for fix you it sounds great.
  8. Hey all just a few questions i'm desperate to find the answers to :) 1. In Viva(song) does anyone know exactly what jonny plays during the song (live or studio) and what effects he uses for it? 2. Fix you solo- Does anyone know the approx delay settings etc for the solo please? Sorry if they've been answered before thanks
  9. Hello does anyone know what models Johnny and Chris use as their accoustic guitars? Thanks everyone
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