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  1. awww happy to make your night a little better :nice:
  2. also this disappeared off youtube and i reuploaded it today nina, probably the sexiest alex interview ever [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGlx_uh9KyA&feature=plcp]Blur's Alex James Think Tank Interview - YouTube[/ame]
  3. hawtt and for nina, alex wants to treat you to some wine :sneaky:
  4. HAHA ok deal. I found myself here btw :p Forever laughing at his jean jacket slapping my friend in the face here too lmao.
  5. UGh the exhibition was amazing :wacky: Really none of the prints were too massive. I'm just gonna find a hi-res photo and get it developed and framed, there we go saved hundreds of pounds :P
  6. mmmm dat alex bbboi so fineeee lovin these prints from the blur exhibition
  7. did he mean like drive around on his bike?! :O
  8. WOW tell us what happened in those 3 hours...? omfg check out his face
  9. ^ the banana boy would like that pic. your photos from margate, still cant get over them. damon looks 15 years younger in some of them!
  10. ^ margate sure was a great show, FABULOUS pics :P nice dick/mic move damo by Matt Begg
  11. Me and Nina were just discussing how awesome this thread was back in the day all fangirly and awesome. So yeah we will be fangirling in here again. Lets get some hawt pics up in here!! ALEX HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL?! :bomb: ooo and hot damn this was a private pic but someone leaked it on tumblr so its out there now, check out dem golden pubes O__O
  12. Yeah where is Kelly? I haven't been on here in forever but you guys all suck if you saw me and didn't say hello ( since idk what some of you guys look like) :P here's a pic i took at the BBC show sooo cute
  13. ^ is that from that one tumblr blog? i think i had that shit blocked lol ooops anyway this is a rough recording of the new blur song called The Puritan that damon performed last night at the poetry olympics ( i cant believe this is the only recording of it, come on fans get with it!!) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zpRDUCF60Y&feature=player_embedded]Damon Albarn POEM 2012 - Blur New Song - YouTube[/ame]
  14. man i really miss the last gorillaz tour :( so many great memories during all of 2010
  15. babe :charming: I found the photos larger, excuse me while I die.
  16. umm new. uploaded today, i think the interview was probably a couple days ago.
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwA__hAOoxo&feature=plcp]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwA__hAOoxo&feature=plcp[/ame] hawt scans here too http://app.5mag.co/ (ive no idea why there is auto play music on that website lol)
  18. we can confirm there will never be a new album :P and william orbit is a colossal dick out for media attention. i never want to hear his name spoken again :snobby:
  19. Omg yes please lets have Gramon spam :wacky: (scan by 24hoursofrubbish.tumblr.com) also these from the black kat boppers FB page that my blogging partner found, they said they recorded some tunes with damo in his studio a couple days ago. idk if they will ever see the light of day tho. (all aboard ladies :wink3: )
  20. ahh ok! hyde park is gonna be one huge party with all of us going :P and yeah i know right?! how will my heart take it. but its probably the end of blur and yeah i just need to see them as much as i can before it all ends as far as live shows at least. and i know! that post you linked to, how is he real, his face :wacky: edit: also louise we will have a proper chat and photo this time! GBQ was too rushed and i was stressed about finding my friend :P
  21. ^ Yeah. I still love Guy as he is the only cool member of Coldplay lol. But yeah I can't really listen to them anymore and Blur just won out a few years ago as my favorite band so they take up all my time now, the bastards :P I thought you said that was your sister's blog? Here's the premiere video of Broken, Suzi looks gorgeous and LOL at Mike and Simon aka Damon's bitches :p. They're seriously in everything he does, its quite cute. http://www.semainedelacritique.com/EN/films/2012/jeudi17/2012_photos.php
  22. I remember your username from a couple years ago. Yeah a few of us in here have met him. Our posts are pages back but he's lovely :wacky: He certainly doesn't take shit, but at the same time he's just a softy inside tbh and also I never hear of him being rude to fans, more just people who are being assholes towards him to begin with. But he's by far the nicest musician I've ever met, looked out for me and my friends numerous times. Speaking of Gra/Dames this quote I recently put on tumblr is to die for, i mean they write the slash themselves!! "Damon reappears, only a towel arou
  23. babes are you going too? graham for you! :kiss:
  24. Not at all lol. If it wasn't for educational money I have left over from the US govt I wouldn't be able to do any of this :P When I get an actual career this year tho, I'll just have to set aside monies for Damon that way :wacky: (also replying your DM in a sec) Had a chic plan worked out with my friends who are also going :D
  25. no silly :P warm up tickets! and congrats superfitz :D
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