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  1. Good to know! :DD I'm good, wbu ?

  2. Hi there! ahh sorry i didnt see your comment till now....unfortunately i've been sick tho im lookin forward to summer :) soo....how are you?

  3. ur welcome :A how are you ?

  4. hi! thanks for the request

  5. lucky! mine ends mid june.....blahblahblah lol

  6. really? mine ended on the 31st of March :dead:

  7. ahh i know. i owe soo much work and 3rd quarter ends on the 16th :/

  8. lol senioritits :rolleyes: nothing just a lot of tests this week because its almost the end of the 3rd quarter :(

  9. hi! yeppers.....school didnt get fun till junior year but senioritis has kicked in majorly lol soo....wat else is new with you? :)

  10. wow thats so awesome!! :lol: wow! She must be really tall!! ahah freshman year wasn't exciting for you? it was okay for me I mean it was all so new I felt like so ...out of place lol

  11. ahh why yes i'm a twin. if u saw us together tho you cant tell. she's 6 inches taller lol freshman year......i honestly dont remember much of it. i just remember that it was long and not exciting

  12. its going to be fun, so go!!:lol: :laugh3:ahh Freshman year *memories* Did you like your freshman year??:nice: oo by any chance are you two twins??:awesome:

  13. haha i may go to some.....i went to some last year for some friends :) it only felt like yesterday i just started freshman year......time flies i guess. yep me and my sister just turned 18

  14. thats great! Huge grad party?? ahaha I know what you mean!! :D hehe you're only 18 or 19 how is that old????:P

  15. :) umm nothin much really. only a couple more months till graduate high school....not gonna lie im gonna miss it. gahh i feel old lol

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