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  1. A big thanks to Clairounette! I received her card a couple of weeks back. Sorry again to her for not posting this much sooner! However, I absolutely love it! I have put your confetti in a mason jar and it is now among my collection of confetti from other shows! Also, the ornament went straight onto my tree! Thanks again!
  2. I always end up skipping A Warning Sign when it comes on. I have no idea why, I guess I just find that song a bit boring. However, it is beautiful live.
  3. Oh, yeah! He did mess up. Was it during The Scientist when he asked the crowd to sing?
  4. I know who you're talking about! Turns out that girl showed up at 11AM with hopes of getting an upgrade. I had to stand with her for over 4 hours because of my showing up at 1:30PM. She said that she knew everything about Coldplay. But, and I don't mean to be vain, she didn't. She couldn't even name all of the boys' names without help. And that boy thought that the first Coldplay song ever was Yellow. Sadly mistaken. When I told them I had seen Phil, they both looked at me with a questioning look. Then, the boy rambled on about how Coldplay have a new fifth member. I hung my head in disappoint
  5. Okay, review definitely tomorrow. I'm on the road at the moment heading back to North Carolina. If you would like to see pics and videos immediately: Follow me on Twitter: @LydiaDippre or add me on Facebook: Lydia Dippre What an awesome show! I can't stop thinking about it!
  6. Where was Chris after the concert when he met people and signed autographs? We stayed after for quite a long time and didn't see anybody or anything!
  7. THAT WAS UH-MAZING! Took tons of pictures and videos. Will post review tomorrow with pics and links!
  8. There are a couple. Phil pointed at us when he walked by. He commented on how people are already here and we stil have 4 hours to go!
  9. Next time I see him, I'll call him over. They're sound checking either Paradise or Up In Flames.
  10. I can't tell. It might've been the supporting act. I'm pretty sure I just saw Phil!
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