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  1. vodka tamponkjdbehbedwtf!! i dont even like regular tamp-WHAT AM I SAYING uugghh so nasty. whatever. Dumbasses are everywhere, its not putting vodka in my vagina, so why should i care. done.
  2. Lol. Fair moderator steps in to end fight after fight is over. Sue have you ever considered a position working with the Huntington Beach Police Dept? or how about my last public highschool. You'd make a good assistant principle there. this whole thing is a lulzcow.
  3. oh well from what ive heard the lineup is only half of what makes glasto awesome im lucky im in california so once i have the money for coachella it would just a hour or so drive to get there.
  4. mmmmm i dissagree. at least with this years lineup (aside from the big/medium script acts) i havent been to either yet so i cant say or compare, Glasto attracts me more though. Coachella is in palm springs california yes?.... so ...blah. have you been to both?
  5. you are wasting your time ive already hardened and dont trust you anything you can possibly say or do has been done before everyone before you beat you to it a few more deaths and ill be completely numb and then i wont feel you throwing rocks at all.
  6. im there now where r u?

  7. im there now where r u?

  8. Go to xat :tongue:

  9. Fine if you like her, but I don't like her. But hey, I hate everybody. EVERYBODY SUCKS. Except for you and and my other friends.. which aren't that much.

  10. I would simply walk into Mordor to see coldplay :p
  11. but ....but .......but....... she told me stuff about her sad things and i started to tell her what i told you and she gave me her number ;___; and......... sigh i always regret warming up to people.... it always turns around to bite me. Anyone else you would like to give creadible mention to? oh and i love you most :P

  12. I'm so sick of her thinking that she's the peace maker, when really she's just calling everybody ****s to be "even" Face it, she used you to make a painting. TLJ, is a horrible mod that doesn't listen to opinions and just tells everybody to shut up and does what she wants to do, not really what's fair. Coldplayfanatic, is one big huge HYPOCRITE. I love you moar<3

  13. I am slightly irritated with her. Texasluvsjonny i dgaf Coldplayfanfic i wish a terrible and painful death. you i love :hug:

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