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  1. Am I the only one here that thinks that "Aliens" should've been on this album??
  2. My favorite songs are Let Somebody Go and People Of The Pride. But Coldplay will record only 3 more albums https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10091387/Chris-Martin-reveals-Coldplay-record-three-albums-STOP-releasing-music.html
  3. Just heard the entire album, theres two that i dont really like, instead of making a full 2 songs, they were just small songs with noises. I dont know, I probably have to relisten a few times to decide whether or not I like the album
  4. I know. I keep checking hasitleaked.com still nothing. I hate that they keep teasing us with 15 second clips of a new song which makes you want to hear the song and album more!!! It's torture! I know for a fact that music stores already have the album, why can't one employee just put one of the CDs in a computer and leak it for us
  5. Ive been checking that site every hour. There has to be a leak out there somewhere!!
  6. No leak yet 😞 https://hasitleaked.com/2021/coldplay-music-of-the-spheres/#listen-here
  7. I downloaded the album the other day and I love it!! (Dont worry, I've already pre-ordered the album from Target, so I did buy it already) Anyway this album is so different from the others, in a good way. I'd say it's my 2nd favorite album with Viva being the best album they have ever done in my opinion. I just wish they didn't waste 6 damn tracks on interludes!!! Makes no sense. They could've filled those 6 tracks with actual songs, which I'm sure would've been awesome. I don't like Broken. Too gospel for me. I've listed my favorite tracks below: 1. Daddy 2.Champion Of The World 3.Chur
  8. Hypnotised is my new favorite Coldplay song!!

  9. This is my favorite song on the album. Why hasn't Coldplay played it live yet?!?!
  10. Bring back True Love!

  11. I've painted my piano keys reverse before. Got the inspiration from the Viva Tour piano.
  12. Yellow God Put a smile upon your face Til Kingdom Come Viva la vida Charlie Brown
  13. Well, the new album is called "Ghost Stories". 9 tracks, with all great titles. I just purchased "Magic". I like it! The electronic beat is a bit silly though.
  14. So Coldplay is releasing Magic on radio tomorrow morning? My friend said that it is also gonna be available on Itunes. Does anyone know if that is true? And if so, what day? Magic will air at 6am here where I am. I am going to record it, just in case! P.S. I am sooo happy that this site is back!! :)
  15. Hey guys! I apologize if I am posting in the wrong section, didn't know where to post. Anyway, my favorite song is Prospekt's March. I love the guitar and strings, and the lyrics are amazing. I was wondering maybe if anyone good with remixing songs wanted to try and do a piano version of the song. Just take out the guitar and replace it with piano. I've seen it done with Shiver, Fix You, and Yellow. I know it can be done because there is an acapella version of Prospekt's March. So all you would have to do is play the piano part and add it in with the acapella. I wish I knew how to do stuff lik
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