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  1. EEEEKKK!!! im such a terrible coldplayerr!!!!! i haven't been on in AGGGEEESS!! so much perve time that i've missed out on :P OMGshh have you heard the new coldplay song that they did in one of the american latino countries called spanish rain or don quixote?! its such an uplifting catchy song :) nahh i didn't do anything special... but this year it's my sixteenth so i probably will aye :) i was really annoyed that the coldplayers didn't get a christmas present this year :( no christmas lights for us :( lol i'll have a look at the link when i get home... i'm at school at the moment.... probably should be working on an assignment... oh well :P sorry again for late reply. tc

  2. BRANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey! :D Yeah, I've been kinda lazy to get on here. Working on it! Yeah, me too. You should get on more. lol. OMG, yes! Glee is an awesome show. Too bad it's not on tonight, though. Boo. Hoping the Phillies win tonight, though! Good to hear things are going well. :) School is going good, actually. I've been doing good. Been passing my quizzes and stuff, so I'm happy. haha. I've got a project due next week which I'm like, halfway done with. It's pretty easy, though. lol, seriously! idk why everyone in LA freaks out when it rains. It like, NEVER does. haha, really? Yeah, probably. Everyone else was going crazy. =P

  4. Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups :thumbsup:
  5. Fool For Your Loving - Whitesnake
  6. Happy Birthday Lauren! Hope you have a fantastic day!:D

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