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  2. i am so proud of coldplay. soooooo proud of them. ever since i fell in love w/ them, i always wanted to know their opinions on palestine, & i love them just 1000000000 times more since i know they support a truly humanitarian cause, wanting peace and justice for the palestinian people. i can't emphasize this enough, pro-palestine DOES NOT MEAN anti-jews. i love you coldplay. i love you so much i can't even measure it. you stick to your convictions, and that just makes you incredible.
  3. really? oh snapp. you really do. i mean most people say that but they have like a pic or 2. i have some.... some better than others :p

  4. wait, why is everybody 20 posts off??!! shouldn't we be at 3771?!
  5. you know what, YEAH, i am. & i always have. from the simpsons, family guy, south park, & scrubs :smart:
  6. i told you I HATE PICTURES!!!! like, oh so so so much! i don't have ANY facebook, & frankly, i don't think i even have any pictures of myself

  7. oh wait am i thinking of someone else? oh crap im thinking of lovers in n.j. :facepalm: :facepalm: ...oh jeezz im just... :dunce: haha nvm then the dinosaur thing makes no sense then haha well ill post mine if you post yours

  8. aww, so you don't have any of the disneyland pics??! & i absolutely DESPISE taking pictures!! i don't even have any on facebook! that's why i wasn't really creeped out when you said you've seen me b/c i know for a fact that would be impossible :)

  9. lol its not me tho and your not a creeper... its only fair, ive seen you. you have such a beautiful . . . . . . . . .dinosaur :D lol ill see if i can find one... i usually hate taking pics but ill see if i can find one my camera broke though...and at Disneyland of all places!

  10. jonny & phil what is the name of coldplay's first album?
  11. long live the republican party what is yellow really about?
  12. chris's jizz ;p what is the first song on X&Y ?
  13. wow, you're so loved :) HAVE AN INCREDIBLY JOYOUS BIRTHDAY!!
  14. i don't wanna seem like a creeper, i was just curious b/c that's a really nice picture :)

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