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  1. i am so proud of coldplay. soooooo proud of them. ever since i fell in love w/ them, i always wanted to know their opinions on palestine, & i love them just 1000000000 times more since i know they support a truly humanitarian cause, wanting peace and justice for the palestinian people. i can't emphasize this enough, pro-palestine DOES NOT MEAN anti-jews. i love you coldplay. i love you so much i can't even measure it. you stick to your convictions, and that just makes you incredible.
  2. wait, why is everybody 20 posts off??!! shouldn't we be at 3771?!
  3. you know what, YEAH, i am. & i always have. from the simpsons, family guy, south park, & scrubs :smart:
  4. i told you I HATE PICTURES!!!! like, oh so so so much! i don't have ANY facebook, & frankly, i don't think i even have any pictures of myself

  5. aww, so you don't have any of the disneyland pics??! & i absolutely DESPISE taking pictures!! i don't even have any on facebook! that's why i wasn't really creeped out when you said you've seen me b/c i know for a fact that would be impossible :)

  6. jonny & phil what is the name of coldplay's first album?
  7. long live the republican party what is yellow really about?
  8. chris's jizz ;p what is the first song on X&Y ?
  9. wow, you're so loved :) HAVE AN INCREDIBLY JOYOUS BIRTHDAY!!
  10. i don't wanna seem like a creeper, i was just curious b/c that's a really nice picture :)

  11. this reminds me of that episode of south park when randy suffers from "alcoholism" & stan gives that speech on how if you like to drink, have a beer w/ your friends, it's so easy to go all or nothing, but it takes true discipline to be able to appreciate something in moderation
  12. then major in journalism!! i have a question is that person in your avi you?

  13. maybe we all just need a drink
  14. but what is the one thing in the world you love to do more than anything? besides listen to coldplay :)

  15. she wants to be burried in a gold mine why is chris martin's favorite number 42?
  16. lol, so you'd just follow around coldplay all do? maybe you should be a roadie :)

  17. umm, ok i'm not preaching i'm simply stating why i don't drink & the reason why i never understood why people do
  18. i just noticed your mood is hungover. & i'm a crackhead
  19. doesn't all of europe just have a giant alcohol problem?
  20. but watching a film won't give me a raging hangover, won't impair my judgement, & won't make me do anything that i'll regret later. there are other things i can do w/ ppl that i can actually have memories of doing w/ them! lol, i often have wondered what i would be like drunk, though
  21. i know that, i'm calling the insane woman that's all like "fags are going to hell" a pyschopath
  22. really, why do i need that type of experience? my life isn't so utterly depressing that i can only have fun when i'm inebriated. i can go out & make friends & be wild & crazy while getting high off of life :)
  23. and a lot of times i just make up excuses like "oh that light bulb looks like it's about to burn let me go buy a new" just so i my brother will let me go out & drive :)
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