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  1. wow, thats weird. I dont think this is quite true, I mean, we should've known it if it was true...
  2. I'm going to London in July, and I dont want to miss out on a great consert...
  3. Oh, yeah sure, but it's norwegian, so I don't think you would've understood what it said.. Will, Guy and Jonny tells that they would like a house in Norway, to record there, cause they think it's so beautiful here.. They told that they arrived a day before the consert and Morten Harket and this other guy from the band A-Ha took them on a boattrip. And then they went around in the festival and watched some conserts, The Coral among them.. Chris wasn't with them.. He landed in Oslo(the capital of Norway) He was sick, and Gwyneth had to go out and buy medisins for him.. Its true, cause she was in
  4. Fins det nokon norske folk her i dette forumet? Ta konakt da vel!
  5. but I found it out the day after.... That's very typical my luck! Wel, here's the story; I was at the Quart festival, where Coldplay was playing later that evening. I was watching The Coral, and right next to me was a guy who looked very much like Jonny, but he didn't wonder around in the Festival, did he? He had sunglases and a caps, so it was very hard to tell if it was him. I was to shy to talk to him... I didn't see him again before the consert, which was amazing by the way.. The next day I read an interview with him, Guy and Will. They had been around the festival and saw some conserts,
  6. Does anyone know what kinda guitar that is? I'm completely in love with it, and I'm buying a new one, and I would really love on like that! I'm begging, please help me! :)
  7. Hmmmm... john Bonham from Zeppelin on drums, Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Jeff Buckley on vocals!
  8. Fav album is Remasters, and fav song is Tangerine... The part where the solo guitar comes in, after the first chorus .. Wow, is just awsome!! Any biiiiig Led Zeppelin fans here by the way?? :)
  9. if you go to http://www.babel.altavista.com it translates it for you:)
  10. I saw The Coral this summer.. They were really good!
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