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  1. hahahahaha, of course I do! I can't use it now... the new layout it's too much for my little brain
  2. I think there are ways and ways of taking advantage of people that I woudln't mind (what you describe) but when people bribe you (is that the spelling?) hen you tell them something and then they ask you something or they "might talk" that I think it's wrong We all take advantage of people
  3. well, Huemules to be exact i's a kind of deer in danger of extinction very small, brown animal that lives in Patagonia and sourthern Chile and Argentina I believe
  4. yes, I forgot to mention we were on an expedition he was british and I was a "local" venturer and since I was the youngest and smallest I had to share my tent with him, the biggest it was funny after I learned how to keep the tent clean and dry and he doesn't speak a word of spanish but I can speak english and I tried to teach him some spanish but I failed and we did not sat there all the time we were kayacking through Patagonia's fiords and counting animals it was pretty funny I think I missed all the important details
  5. Sternly

    Year off

    Since most people are form the "developed world" here, I wondered how many of you took or plan to take a Gap Year or year off. I don't mean "being forced to". P.S: I mention the developed world, bcause it's very uncommon where I live... people work to live, not to enjoy themselves
  6. I just lived 6 weeks with a guy on a tent in the middle of nowhere I hadn't seen him before it was funny and I didn't have freedom at all We didn't speka the same language or anything that made us close but I enjoyed it and enyojed being on my own after that
  7. I should start flatting when I go to Uni but first I plan to bivi for pretty much an entire year I like people but I also like being without them I like getting into my house and see that is warm and there's someone to talk but I also like when it's cold and silent the thing is, can people handle my clumsyness?
  8. well, my concept of "legend" is not very clear at the moment I don't think is people who post a lot, at least that's not a condition I don't even know what I'm talking about but If they are, you are one of them for me and Tom and Laura (Ian doesn't count)
  9. Sternly


    I don't think we are ignored we just don't get the atention we expect or when we want it
  10. hahahahahaha Reilly, If it does, you are probably one of them who could forget Mr Bananaman? Gusto en conocerte también, Maui
  11. hahahahaha, I wouldn't consider myself a legend but yes, I am a member from the past very hated once, ignored, gone came back, gone again and so on does that make me a legend? I don't think so
  12. I don't know I'm off to the beach tomorrow so I don't know
  13. Sternly


    When people have been nice with me and I've had no great interest in them, I was probably the person Reilly describes. Though his position is of a good friend, some people just consider you a good friend meantime you don't. When I am that person I do no think I'm being "mean" or nasty; most of the time I don't even realise it until an outsider points the fact to me. My point is that they probably don't even know that things bothers you or how much it does. At least that has happened to me quite offen... I just underestimate people's reactions. let's hope that makes sense!
  14. Hello Reilly! you look so big now! I was looking at ome pictures yesterday and a guy looked like you, but slightly older In the end I realised it was you Very much older than how I remember you though
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