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  1. 2 The Beatles vs. Dashboard Confessional 3 Sigur Rós vs. REM Very close, this one. 4 Arcade Fire vs. Explosions In The Sky Don't even know the other band. 6 Radiohead vs. The Clash weeeeee 7 Blur vs. The Killers infintely better. this one should be interesting. 8 U2 vs. The Libertines 10 British Sea Power vs. Bright Eyes New-found love. :) 11 Oasis vs. The Smiths 14 Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Interpol fairly awesome band
  2. Nice to see Kinetic up there. I swear I like the Amnesiac b-sides just as much as the album. And, as Sheepish said... Gagging Order?:cry:
  3. If there are no Amnesiac b-sides near the top you'll get a beating.
  4. lol. You have issues. He wasn't talking about "every one of (you)" he was talking about "the individuals in the clip.
  5. I have the School Certificate this year. I guess I'll actually have to study this time around.
  6. Oh, and I forgot to say. Nik, thanks a lot for this. Best thing to happen to this board since I've been here. :wink2:
  7. When will you people realise that Parachutes is infinitely better than AROBTTH?!
  8. :bigcry: It's 10:35PM and I have to be silent so I can stay till the end. Stupid noisy keyboard.
  9. I never really understood the hype about Franz Ferdinand. I have that album and Take Me Out is the only really good song. The rest are a bit meh.
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