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  1. MartinFan


    Just a fly in and fly out to say, I sent that last year;) How cool of a video it was!!!:cool: Taaa Taaa!!!!
  2. Just saying:lol: It would be nice if they're trying, but I think the picture is just a co-inky-dink:P
  3. Me thinks they might not of been passing by????:thinking::rolleyes::shocked2::P
  4. From 1 Tracey to another Tracie, who I think spells her name incorrectly:D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
  5. I read it:) I have liked her since she made the movie Peter Pan I thought she was beautiful in it, and I followed her, it wasn't until years later that she so happened to marry the Lead singer of My favorite band, so I believe they go hand in hand, but I liked her first!!!
  6. The Tashinator...Where have you been darling:kiss:
  7. She will be going to Germany for the promotion of Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr sometime next week.
  8. Awesome pictures!!!!! He looks like he's a little kid racing thru the airport!!! G is in New York, maybe he is going there:thinking: Oh nevermind just read the article and they printed he was on his way back to London, unless they assumed it?? OR they followed them to the freaking gate!!!
  9. I got dibs on drums!!!:P
  10. Well said!!!!! I am also married for a long while and marriage sure is all about give and take, and especially communication!!! EVERY marriage I don't care who you are, has the ups and downs, your not normal if there is no fighting or disagreements, I have my share with my hubby, but we love each other and wouldn't want anyone else, and with all the temptations that surround G and C with their celebrity, it must be 10 times harder to deal with issues. Seeing women throwing themselves and hitting on your man all the time, or seeing your wife surrounded with good- looking co actors in intimate
  11. Yeah, not cool:stunned: Like they were in an adjacent house upstairs taking pics, which they sometimes do, or someone in a tree.
  12. You win the Starfish, "Patrick" from spongebob square pants that Chris is holding:lol: The dark haired lady is their nanny, she's been with them for quite awhile I think:thinking: She was in a few pictures with him and the kids back in London as well, dating back at least 2/3 years.
  13. I want to run my fingers through his hair:stunned: It's really awesome he is taking part and doesn't have a pissed off look on his face:smug: G is having a ton of events I would imagine coming up for the book and 2 movies.. Wonder when Chris will have time to work on the new LP:thinking:
  14. :) Just a little shameless plug for his wife from His bands twitter:D nicely done Mr. Martin!!!
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